Thursday, 30 April 2009

St Christies TT Tues 28th April

On a gloomier Tuesday evening than the previous week a few ATC members ventured out to the 10 mile TT. A tricky evening for a Time Trial - there didn't appear to be too much wind until we hit Leaburn & the head wind made it a real drag until Strathaven Road.
I was first club member home in 27.50, shaving a mighty 3 seconds off the previous week - very tired legs after a 90 minute run on Sunday followed by a very hard trail run on Monday night. I remember now from last year that I was flippin' knackered every Tuesday night.
The surprise performance of the night was from Colin B who put his saddle up then hammered round in an incredible 27.52. Incredible because this was almost 4 MINUTES quicker than last week!! 4 MINUTES!! He may have been better doing this next week when the points start as he would probably have nailed the most improved trophy in the first week. We should really have tested his urine after this dramatic improvement, I don't know what was in it but he must have drunk a ton of it.
Genevieve was 1st lady again in 28.41, shaving 5 secs off last week & heading towards the illusive 27 min target.
Graeme Allan finished in 32.03, 58 secs off last weeks pace but was maybe still reeling from his 'ultra' run on Sunday. We know from last year that he will go faster than this, maybe just needs to drink some of Colin B's urine.


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Swim, Drink, Run

This week seems to have flown by since the Duathlon last weekend. We had a swimming focus for the week - aiming for 5 sessions but managing 4, but all good effective sessions & something to build on. We dropped 1 swim session due to Mrs A deciding to have a Birthday. Two late nights out made me feel numb for the back end of the week & it kind of passed me by a bit - not very good at that sort of thing any more. Drank too much wine & ate too much cake but boy was it tasty.

Just 4 out for the bike on Saturday but good to see Don coming back for more & Frank dusted off the Bianchi for it's first outing of the year. Good job seeing as he has Bishopbriggs Tri in 7 days!!

The first proper Sunday run set off this morning from Langlands Golf Course at 9.00am. An impressive turnout & a good steady 9.2 miles round the back roads. A good effort by all, especially the 2 Graemes/Grahams. Graham R complained it was too far but still managed to converse non-stop for the whole run, so much so we had to take it in turns to listen. Graeme A admirably hung in for the whole run too - especially good given that he 'sometimes runs 5k a week'!!
This is an invaluable session run at an easy pace that will do wonders for your running & endurance if you can string a few weeks together.
NOTE; We are meeting just before the Golf Course junction next week & not in the Car Park, which was over-full today & I felt a bit sheepish getting back in the car afterwards!

I have entered Troon 10k - I see no one else has though several people have said they are intending to. I would do this ASAP as there are now only 100 places left (there were 280 on Friday) & it will fill up.

We are still awaiting the final confirmation of the pool for the Weds session, hopefully we can get this finalised next week.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Troon 10k - Weds 6th May 7.30pm

I'm entering this today - anyone else up for it?

Fast (if you want it to be!) & flat 10k down the Prom (unless it's windy in which case you get a complementary exfoliation from the sand).
A very well attended evening race (1000 runners) & well worth doing. We will drive out after work at 5.30ish & can fit 4 or 5 more in the car if you are interested?

There are a few of you who could do with a 10k, especially those who have been out on the weekend runs & wouldn't be troubled by 6 ish flat miles.

Come on - sign up, especially if you have entered nothing else this season.


St Christies Results

.... are now online at

ATHelite results were as follows .....

Colin Freeman 27.53
Genevieve Freeman 28.46
Graeme Allan 31.05
Colin Bain 31.21
Ben Ferguson 31.24

Well done all - we'll see if Ben can try using the big chain ring next time to generate a bit more speed!

ATHelite Tri Club Kit

I'll be needing all your orders in over the next 7-10 days.

Here is the link - so you can see what you're after

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bike Skills

What do you make of this!?!?!?!
Some incredible bike skills on this little vid ... it's not Gareth training for Ayr Duathlon, it's somebody else of equal talent......

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The week ahead....

Hope those of you who were at Ayr are feeling refreshed. We followed it up on Monday with 3k of swimming & mile efforts with the Harriers (supposed to be a recovery run but as always we got excited). This week has a swimming focus so we swam 2k this morning too - want to swim 5 times this week if poss.

SO.... Tonight (Tuesday) is St Christies 10 mile TT night. 1st off at 7.30pm. Wednesday was hoped to be the 1st secret swim session but we are still awaiting confirmation of the price before we dive in (ha ha - dive in!) so should be next week now - we will confirm by Friday. We have been to see the pool & it looks pretty suitable for us. We are taking Weds as a rest day now.

Sat am will be the bike ride - open to all. Mandy. Departs Ek shop at 9.00am.

Sunday morning - longer easy run. Again open to all. Meet in between Sainsburys depot & Langlands Golf course at 9.00am. Should be run in ability groups if we get enough out. Unsure of the meeting point? - let us know.


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ayr Duathlon

It was great to see you all at the event today - definately more fun with more out!
Here are some photo's. Well done Colin for getting 9th and finishing in the top 10. Nice start to the season. Well done to Colin B, for getting 2 Pb's on the runs!!
Thanks to Mandy for taking all the pictures - you'll need to come to all events now.
Colins Report;
So I think it's fair to say that Duathlons are definately harder than Triathlons (assuming you can swim). I think most of us enjoyed & did well on the bike but personally i found the 2nd run very tough & can't really believe it was 19 min for me - certainly didn't feel like it. Alot of sustained effort through the legs & even the short hills on the 2nd run were hard. I loved the bike & found the 2nd loop just flew by, would be interested to know the distance though - seemed like a long 20. Personally I would have liked a stronger 2nd run but I think it is going to be hard this year to juggle the Ironman Endurance training whilst keeping speed in the legs for these sprint events.
This was a fantastic 1st outing for ATC - it'll be all the better when we are all clad in our new team colours.
Superb weather, cracking venue, tasty post race buffet & promptly posted results make this a brilliant little race that we should target every year.

Provisional results are online

Friday, 17 April 2009

Ayr Duathlon Forecast

Looking good for Sundays race - 13 degrees, Sunny & only 5mph winds.

Couldn't be any better!!!


St Christophers 10 mile TT

See the exert below from the St Christies Website.

This Time Trial is open to anyone with a bike (& helmet) & only costs £1.00. Everyone is timed & set off at 1 min intervals. Good fun & not too serious.
Do it through the Summer to monitor your progress.
The first couple are just to get used to the route & get your handicap worked out.
Arrive nearer 7.00pm for a better start position.

Directions to meeting point - Head down Stroud Rd over Nuffield Gym/ Di Maggios roundabout, up past Freescale factory on your left. Take 1st left Singer Road & first right into Rentokil car park. We then ride out to start point which is 3 mins away.
Any problems with directions just ask.

The route is as follows....


Well the time has come after what seems an eternity the Auldhouse league bounces back this Tuesday evening the 21st. The meeting place as usual is the Rentokil building off Stroud road. The first man is off at 7.30pm sharp.
Who knows what will happen in the 2009 league.....Robert Lynn might ride one night so might David Turner. Mandy Cullie might break the 30 minute barrier, Amy Robertson might let me off paying one week, Vince Fenwick might remember his shoes and the roads around Auldhouse might be as smooth as silk. All this for only a pound a week, who could ask for more.
The first two weeks are run to give Jack an idea of everyones handicap and their free.
See you there!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Saturday Ride

Can I check if anyone is riding this Saturday as I think we are all doing the Ayr Duathlon.....let me know. If there is only one person out then I think we should cancel it.

SUS 09 - Southern Upland Sportive, 12th July

Entries are open for this fabulous sportive. We did it last year and would highly recommend it to all you keen cyclist.
There is the Radar Ride which we've entered which is about 105 miles and there is a Baby Radar - 40 miles for those just starting out or who are too keen on the longer rides.

Here is the link

Let us know if you enter.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesday Night Session

Please note that there is no Run/Bike session from Hamilton this evening.
The weekly St Christies 10 mile Time Trial starts next Tuesday and carries on every week through the Summer. We will post directions for this nearer the time.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Cupar Sprint Triathlon

Gareth was off competing again today & has come up with another race report as follows. Thank goodness he had his sugar rich packed lunch today - really seems to have made a difference.

Cupar sprint triathlon 12-04-2009No easter eggs for me this morning, up early and off to fife . Did not get lost today - usually do whenever i tri to find Cupar .The sky was blue but with some ground frost and @5degrees .Got registered and set up the red stand in transition.Again no coke and mars bars in the machine but today i was prepared . Off in the 3rd swim heat and last in the lane - my favorite position passed two ladies but somehow was last out of the lane – maybe having 5 year old lane counters is not the best option !Into transition and the decision of jumper or not – made the wrong one and was far too hot ,anyway 2 scalps in transition , 3 on the path to the road and then a steady overtake on the first lap . second lap started well with a couple of scalps but then got within 5 bike lengths of someone who was just enough slower than me to hold me up but just fast enough that i could not take him in the required 30 secs . Got right up the back of him on a steep bit but at this stage i had refuelled (half mars bar duo ) and in the attempt to get past breathed about half of it in – this provoked a response similar but more violent than Gens fly breathing episode the other week – so i thought i'll get him on the descent . Got back up to speed and i could see him braking for a sharp righthander – much harder than i expected – so i slammed on the anchors and nearly had the rear wheel up to avoid the nice red audi which was barrelling up the road . Anyway thought i would never get him but some hard work on the 53 16 and i got him and the girl in front of him . And then to T2 . The marshall helpfully pointed out that i had too many clothes on ( big girls blouse was the comment) Off onto the run and the chap i had tried so hard to catch ran into and then past me – could not catch him to thank him ! So 3 flat laps and thats it over – great course for me felt strong but only on the 3rd lap (when another guy passed me and i thought i had better speed up) , looked at the watch and again didn’t believe it – i am awaiting the official result but looks to have been a bit faster than last year ( and i did 2 extra lengths IMO )So more swimming for metook some pics but cant get them into this for some reason

Swim, Bike, Run, CHOCOLATE!!!

So another week has passed us by & we quite enjoyed this one - starting to feel the benefits of all the training in most areas. We are working to a stricter Training Plan now that we are on the 6 month countdown to Barcelona. I will publish this just as soon as I can work out how to link a document to this Blog (any help here would be appreciated).
Monday was a long 4.5 hour bike - small chain ring & in the saddle all the way. Loved it - felt really easy, still getting some good mileage in but still fresh the next day for more training.
Tuesday was the usual AM swim but joined this time by Alan & James who both put in a good effort.
Tuesday night was Brick session night - 3 laps (12 miles) of Strathy Park increasing speed by 2 mins per lap then off the bike for a 15/20 min run.
Wednesday was a rest day, Thurs am Core & Stretch first thing then I headed back to the Harriers for a 7.5 mile run out through the Glen & around the lanes. I actually found this remarkably easy - a good controlled tempo run & I was very pleased given that the running is on the back burner at the moment.
Mrs A has been getting a couple of rub downs on her calves by our Sports Therapist Grant to try & ease them off so that is hopefully getting sorted now.
Friday was a very well attended swim session due the holidays then Mrs A went for a 6.00am run on Sat morning while I went out with the boys for a 2 hour bike round the lanes - a beautiful morning - clear, cool & sunny. A good performance from Don on his first outing with us - kept up really well even on a hybrid so we were all impressed.
Sunday was our EKRC Bike race day - a 39 mile APR (pursuit race) from Strathaven - Muirkirk - Douglas - Kirkmuirhill - Strathaven. Nice & hilly but no wind for a change. Unsure what to expect for times we were both really pleased to get under 2 hours. I was 1.52 & Mrs A was 1.59. Actually quite enjoyable & so much better than our last attempt round this circuit (Mallorca has made a huge difference). We both felt relatively fresh after & will probably go for a run round the Glen tonight to top it off.
Happy Easter All - we are off for a well deserved Egg!!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

New in! Saucony Spring Summer 09 Collection

Great lightweight technical fabrics from saucony. Soft to touch, breathable and fast wicking. This new collection has arrived just in time for the nice weather.

Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon

Any one fancy a challenge??? We're doing the Aberfeldy Middle Distance as a 'training day' for our Long distance race 7 weeks later, it's only an Open Water Swim (1.9k) / Bike (90k) / Run (21.1k)!!!

Entry Form

p.s. you've all summer to train ;-)

Friday, 10 April 2009

ATHelite Tri Kit

What do you think.....please we need feedback

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

ATC Summer Training Sessions

So the clocks have changed, the sun is shining & the birds are singing in the trees. Ok, it's still cold & wet & the only thing that's singing is 3 neds on Buckie, but we need to update the training sessions anyway....
Here are the proposed ATHelite Tri Club Summer Sessions for the next few weeks ......

Mon - RUN Group 6.15pm - ATHelite Ek

Tues - SWIM 7.30am - Hamilton Water Palace
- BIKE St Christophers 10 mile TT (as of 21st April) - Ek

Weds - SWIM 5.30pm onwards (all levels) - Hamilton ... (location still secret!)

Thurs - RUN group 6.15pm - ATHelite Ek

Fri - SWIM 7.30am - Hamilton Palace

Sat - Long(er) BIKE 9.00am (in pace groups) - ATHelite Ek

Sun - Long(er) easy pace RUN (in pace groups) 9.30am

That means that many of you can now run & bike at the weekend rather just doing one or the other.

Any thoughts or ideas regarding these sessions - leave a comment.


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Edinburgh Half Marathon

Alan from ATHelite Tri Club proved strong as he undertook the Edinburgh Half Marathon
EDINBURGH HALF MARATHON - SUN 5th AprilGlorious weather in Edinburgh really added to this very well organised event. After a slight delay in the start, I couldn't seem to get my legs to work properly over the first 5 miles. This may have been something to do with my complete failure to resist the tempting offer of a circumnavigation of the Campsies by bike on Friday. At the 10 mile turning point, the gentle tail wind I had been enjoying seemed to strengthen into a gusty head wind. (The perceived strength of the wind may have been relative to the actual weakness of my legs at this point) After managing to muster together a bit of a sprint finish I managed to cross the line with a PB time of 1:39.42.

Humber Sprint Triathlon

James from our Tri Club travelled down south to participate in the Humber Sprint Tri below is his story

Humber Sprint!Indian curry and 3 pints of bitter didn't work! So stood in my lane yawning before the start of the swim leg!Some lane etiquette, but too many waves! Going to take a snorkel next time!Ambled through the swim and started to wake up!Had to run 200m to bike transition. Then the fun started. Couldn't get jacket over my head. Arms were stuck pointing skywards! Best not to ride the bike in this position as all I could see was inside of my jacket! Struggled free. Unzipped the jacket and started again! Eventually mounted the bike to the shouts of the referee "I can't see your number". Stopped, rearranged my jacket again! Finally, got going before sun down!Now for executing the 'plan'Don't get out the saddle and attack every hill like a pack of rottweilers are running after you! It worked! Took five 'helmets' on the way round each one on a hill! Passed by no-one.Buoyed by the bike I was ready to dash around the 3 run-circuits. Alas my legs were not ready!Curiously, I found myself talking to my legs. After two laps of encouragement they started to work! So with less than 1500m left I started to run!Over all a satisfying effortTarget 1hr 20minsTime 1hr 15mins and 52secsAreas for improvementNight before calorie intake - chinese and lager next timeSwim - practice longer breathing intervals so I can swim through the carnage - head down!Bike - Work on greater all round strength for a sub 40min 20km.Run - Consult with leg motivation therapist for better instantaneous resultsTransitions - Swim with jacket, helmet, shoes and gloves on!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Race reports

Don't forget to submit your race report to us!

Are my legs on back to front?

A tough start to the week just gone, we went for a long swim in Esporta on Monday, probably the darkest pool I've swam in - it's so dark you can't see the end of the pool till you bump into it! We need to start doing one longer distance swim per week from now on.

I needed to get the running going again so headed back to the Harriers on Monday - mile efforts in about 5.45's so not quite sticking to the 'gentle start' that I had planned. I am my own worst enemy & clearly underestimated the Mallorca effect as woke up Tuesday feeling like I had been run over by a Tram. A good swim session nonetheless then the Tri Club session after work - warm up on the bike around Strathy Park then 5 minute efforts up & down the link road, then off the bike & into the run. A good effective session but my quads were screaming during the bike & didn't feel too sprightly during the run either. Well done to Mandy who was stuck on a road bike for the first time & sent off. I don't think the brake pads knew what was going on. I've never seen anyone so releaved to get off the bike & run! Good effort though - onwards & upwards.
This session pretty much destroyed me so Wednesday was a definate rest day. Thursday was a great run with the group - cracking weather meant we could head up & around Calderglen. Loved it - so nice to get off the pavements again.
Friday was a good swim session until we started doing kick drills on our sides which is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. What a killer. Clearly a rubbish kicker.
I was supposed to go out with the bike group on Sat am but left my bikes in the wrong town (as you do) so went for an early run instead. Long sleeve top, split shorts, driving rain & freezing. Not a good clothing choice but felt better running than earlier in the week. Need to RUN MORE - Ayr Duathlon in a couple of weeks & don't feel ready for that.
Me, Mrs ATHelite & Graeme (who is definately the most regular Tri Club member) headed to the A77 for the St Christies 10 mile TT this morning. Looked lovely weather through the car windscreen but it was soooo cold & windy. Really hard work up hills into the wind till the turning point but absolutely flew back with the back wind. Good fun, not great times but impossible with that wind (though I did get a course best time so quite pleased anyway). We both messed around with our bike set up for the hour before the TT and both think we have improved are positions so looking forward to experimenting more with that.
Mrs A has been struggling with tight legs all week but got a good going over by Grant (Physio) on Saturday. I could hear the screams in East Kilbride. Hopefully that's her sorted now.

Summary - A tough start to the week where everything we did felt uncomfortable but feel much more human at the end of it!

Friday, 3 April 2009

ATHelite Triathlon Club Kit

Hi All,
I am going to order club kit as the season has practically started and, well, I need kit.
So, if anybody would like to order ATHelite Triathlon Club Kit and look amazing at races this season please email me or leave a comment of your requirements - I need to know which product you are after and size.
I don't have a draft of the kit but it will be predominantly black due to requests and weather!! with a bit of orange of course.

Main club sponsors ATHelite and Sport Orthotics

Below are links that will take you straight to the the products and price list.
Champ-sys require 50% deposit.


Price list

Saturday Bike Ride

Bike ride 9am from ATHelite, East Kilbride. Colin will be out with you, new route.......

Mallorca Bike Camp

Some more photos

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

ATHelite Tri Club - Pool Session

I have provisionally booked a pool in Hamilton for Wednesday evening 5.30-7pm!! yipee....
Please can you email me or leave a comment if you can make this session as I need an idea of numbers.
The session may be coached (TBC) and will always be structured and to a plan. We have the whole pool so can cater to mixed abilities. The more people the cheaper the rate.
We could look at starting mid April.

Volunteers Required - British Elite Series Triathlon

British Elite Series Triathlon - Strathclyde Park, Sunday 17th May

This event is one of several recently introduced to the British Triathlon calendar and replaces the Corus Series event held at Strathclyde Park over the past two years. It is an Elite Standard Triathlon to be staged over what we know as the “Sprint” course. Plans are afoot to operate a Scottish Junior Super-Sprint race as a curtain raiser to the Standard races.

Senior prize money is excellent and it is expected both the Female & Male fields will comprise internationally known Triathletes as well as some of the new “talent” coming on to the scene. The longer term plan is that this event should develop into a bigger and better spectacle leading eventually to the 2014 Games Triathlon.

I am coordinating the engagement of volunteers to assist in the set-up, marshalling and break down of the event over the weekend in question. At this stage I would point out this event is NOT a GTC Club activity but a “general Triathlon-Community event”.

triathlonscotland needs you and there is valuable experience to be gained by working at these big events in terms of where we are positioned in the years ahead to demand a prominent role in helping at the 2014 Games.

In the past it has worked well to split the tasking in to several Phases and to ask you to consider making yourself available for one or more Phases as best suits you:

PHASE 1: Saturday 16th May; Course Set Up; 2.30pm to 6.00pm

PHASE 2: Sunday 17th May; All Day; 7.30am to 4.00pm

PHASE 3: Sunday 17th May; 7.30pm to Noon

PHASE 4: Sunday 17th May; Noon to 4.00pm

Since this is a BTF event at which their representative is the “Race Director”, I’m not in a position to allocate roles or make any specific promises.

Leave a comment or email me if you can help with anything, thanks.