Friday, 30 October 2009

November Sports Massage Promotion

In need of a sports massage after a hard season? legs feeling tight or tired?
2 x 1/2 Hour sports massages for £25!

Call Grant McLullich on 07967 543 083 to book your appointment or call the shop on 01698 422448. Grant is based at ATHelite's Sports Injury Clinic in Hamilton.

Strathaven 'Run with the Wind' 10k

Good luck to everyone doing the Strathaven 10k on Sunday - weather looks like it could be a bit iffy but a great race regardless. It is November after all!

This is an ATHelite sponsored race so see us on the stall in the School before or after the race for bargains & a chat!

Good luck!!!!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

EKAC Hugh Wilson East Kilbride 10k

A nice chance to do a local 10k without having to travel anywhere. The EKAC Hugh Wilson Memorial 10k is on Saturday 28th November at 2.00pm. Starts & finishes at the John Wright & easy to enter on the day.

More info & race route can be seen at the following link....

Put it in your diary!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Day in the Lakes 2010

Entries open 1st Nov for a day in the lakes 2010

Dawn is doing this and wants to know who's doing it with her?

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Venue - Stewartfield Farm

Time - 6.30 for drinks, 7.00 for meal

Cost - £20.00 Christmas Menu

Deposit - £10.00 by 5th November, remainder 3rd December.

Please leave a comment
email me if you would like a place.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

A few words from Pro Ironman Paolina Allan

November, December...oh what to do after all that regimented training!

Now is the time to have fun and Relax, do all the things that you put on hold this spring and summer. If you have just completed an Ironman or half Ironman or have been racing all season then I am sure the last 8 months if not more have been consumed with thoughts of work outs, getting to bed early, no social life etc! Therefore rest is important for you mentally and physically.

If you have incurred any injuries or feel like you have weakness's, this is the time to get these looked at and get onto a programme, perhaps with your sports therapist.

Its also a time to have fun with work outs, get to the yoga class you kept putting off. Also too for me in these two months this is when I work on my weakness i.e. swimming. Take a block of time, 4 weeks or so and swim in a tangable measured way, swim 5-6 days a week. Get to your masters swim class or hire a private coach. If swimming is your focus then bike once a week and do some drills on the bike also the same with running (you can apply this formula to your weakest discipline)!

You need to feel fresh and ready to go for when you are about to start your build period for the next race season.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Weekend Training

Sunday 25th October - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9am (don't forget the clocks go back so enjoy that extra hour in bed!!!!). As we are just regrouping for the start of the winter, the run won’t be quite as long as it had been but we will gradually pick up the distance over the weeks so it’s a great time to start back if you’ve been away for a while. As ever there will also be short cuts for anyone wanting a slightly shorter run than the planned route.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Scottish Cyclocross Series Round 2 – Auchentoshan, Glasgow

Here is a wee report from Rnd 2 of the cyclocross races. If i've got any energy left, I'll do one on Sunday night after Rnd 3!
Scottish Cyclocross Series Round 2 – Auchentoshan, Glasgow
Round 2 of the Scottish Cyclocross series and another record field lined up to tackle Glasgow United's excellent course in the grounds and woods around Auchentoshan School. With a mixture of tarmac, grassy fields, woodland singletrack, some cheekily placed hurdles and a brutaly steep run-up, this course has a bit of everything.
Getting a good place on the grid was always going to be important again given the numbers racing an again, I managed to get myself trapped too far down the grid and had way too many people ahead of me. I figured I could be quite aggressive and make my way up through the field but in places it was a bit of a standstill and I was even feeling quite relaxed which, to be honest, you shouldn't be in a cyclocross race. It should be b*lls out from the gun. Anyway, I managed to make up some places with some barging on the opening sections of the first lap and made up loads of places on the steep run-up. Most cyclists can't run and the running I have done in the past (and a wee bit on a Thirsday night!) certainly helps.
Once round the first lap (in about 6 mins) if was time to keep the pace high and see how far that would take me, I settled into a nice battle with a few other guys that lasted until the end of the race. It was nice to feel some speed and power in my legs thanks to the St Christies time trials this summer and the turbo sessions in the garage this autumn.
This week, it took until the 2nd last lap to getting lapped by the leader and just before the end of the final lap to get caught by the rest of the top five. This is a great improvement that my 24th place doesn't particularly show. Anyway, I need to work on my grid placing from now on as a top 20 and some series points are within my grasp! Looking forward to round three this week at Mugdock Park where I hope the race organisers (my old Glasgow Mountain Bike Club buddies) will help me on the grid!
Col B
P.S. There is always a Commissaire who does a bit of commentating for all the spectators and it is always nice to hear him call out you name and club as you come by. Unfortunately, he kept calling me a member of Althletic Tri Club! Thats no good! Need to get this sorted for the next time.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Swim Workshop

Update - we are a little low on numbers for the Workshop. It doesn't mean it will not be going ahead, just giving you an update and incase anyone hasn't put there name down or there are people out there that this may appeal to ....SPREAD THE WORD.

Sunday, 18 October 2009



Big reductions on MENS SALE SHOES
Big reductions on WOMENS SALE SHOES
20% OFF Mens Triwear
20% OFF Womens Triwear

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Hamilton 5k & Junior 1k


Commencing & finishing at the Mausoleum in Strathclyde Park (Hamilton Palace Grounds)

1k Junior Run starts at 9.30am & 5k Run starts at 10.00am prompt.

All 5k participants must be 14 years of age or over on race day.

Entry_Form & route information can be downloaded here - please note - no entries on the day.

This ATHelite sponsored race is a great little 5k run on the enclosed paths within the park so why not give it a bash!

(It says entries close on the 16th but give them a call, they would love your entry!)

Ironman Hawaii - Report from the Sideline

We were very proud to have our virtual Coach Paolina (Gens older sister) competing at the Ironman World Champs in Kona, Hawaii last Saturday.
As with all her Pro Ironman appearances we sat up late into the early hours watching the live video feed on IronmanLive & saw her come over the line at 4.00am. I could hardly see the screen as my eyes were glazed over with tiredness but I guess she was slightly more tired having completed an Ironman in 100 degrees. Can't really imagine what that would feel like - I thought Calella was hot.

Pollys Coach & Husband Steve Fleck has more than a finger in the Triathlon Pie & so somehow managed to get himself on the back of a motorbike travelling alongside the male race leaders on the bike course. Stephen has written a great report right from the sharp end of the event which can be seen on the following link.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Curry Night

Table booked for 7.15pm, Wed 21st....
I didn't mention to them that we'll all be stinking oh chlorine!!!

Weekend training

With lots going on over the last month or so (half marathons, duathlons, training camps, weddings, plus a certain Barcelona Ironman) the weekend training routine has been a bit sparse on the ATHelite Club member’s front! So with winter just around the corner (yes, the clocks go back on 25th October) it’s time to get the warmer training gear out and get going with the winter schedule!!

Sunday 18th October - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9am. As we are just regrouping for the start of the winter, the run won’t be quite as long as it had been previous to all the recent events but we will gradually pick up the distance over the weeks so it’s a great time to start back if you’ve been away for a while. As ever there will also be short cuts for anyone wanting a slightly shorter run than the planned route.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Challenge Barcelona - Video

Quite a nice video here of the race day - it follows Zamora, the eventual winner & gives a good insight into the race, the area around Calella & the conditions on the day.

28 minutes long so I don't expect you to watch it all unless you have time on your hands & you may need to turn the sound down else you might end up learning Catalan without realising.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Remember NO SWIM tonight due to school holidays. Curry night next week (21st) after swim. I'll book table for 7.15pm Can you leave a comment or email me to let me know if you're coming so, I know how many to book the table for.

Monday, 12 October 2009

ATHelite Tri Club Swim Session

I've been in talks with 2 swim coaches about organising a 6 weeks swim workshop.

The workshop would replace the normal swim sessions. It would be a lot more involved and a lot more technique orientated. Our current sessions are obviously just a group training session but I would like to introduce the 6 week workshop as a taster to see if we would like our sessions to be more like this in the new year.

The workshop would have two coaches which with the amount of people that have been coming lately would allow a more personalised session.

Unfortunately this will cost more money! We're looking at £4/£5 a session and you will need to sign up for the 6 week block. I would like the workshop to start soon and run up to Christmas.

The majority wins on this one. So, if enough people agree we will run the Workshop in place of the current training nights. So, only those who sign up to the workshop will be able to come (if it goes ahead) .


Numbers are already coming in quickly...yipee

Please let me know if you're interested

Leave a comment or email me with your views.

ATHelite Tri Club SWIM

Remember NO SWIM this week due to school holidays.

AND Curry night next week (21st) after swim. I'll book table for 7.15pm
Can you leave a comment or email me to let me know if you're coming so, I know how many to book the table for.

See you next week.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Challenge Barcelona Photos

Our private photographer Mandy was snapping whilst we were in Spain. Click on the link to see us in action pre & during the race.


Cyclocross Race Report

Colin has assured me a photo will follow......

Scottish Mountain Bike Series Rnd 7 – 20th Sept Drumlanrig Castle
Having not done a mountian bike race for about 6 years I decided this year that I would give it a go again. Mountian bike racing can be a bit of a slog to be honest and I didn't fancy busting a gut for 2hrs mid pack going nowhere and fancied being in a race for a change. SXC have started an 'Open' category for anyone but it particularly caters for people looking to get into the MTB race scene. I though this sounded great and at 2 laps (or 1 hr) was much more suitable.
Up I rolled at the start line for the first time in my Athelite gear. Sorry folks, its been a busy summer and I've not done anywhere near the number of events I had hoped. Anyway, off at 11:10 as the last race of the 11am starters and we hared off to the first climb. I always feel awful at the start of any race and despite the lower quality field, I was hanging on to the first 6 guys as we headed up the course. I had promised myself I would concentrate and not go too hard but I was nicely in 6th place as we hit the first rocky decent. It was pretty difficult to keep in touch with the front guys as we had already caught the tail end of the super vet men, senior and junior womans races. It was mighty difficult to get past on a track only wide enough for 1 MTB but I managed to stay with the faster guys to the bottom of the next climb. Feeling pretty good, I gave it a dig and made my way to 2nd place by the top. Time to hang on to the wheel of the leader for a short while and recover from my effort. Going through the next section of technical trail, I made my move. Suddenly, I was leading! It was actually going though my mind “I don't believe it. I don't believe it. I am actually leading a bike race!”
I actually put a small gap into the front 5 or 6 guys and was feeling rather good about my form, while dreaming of standing on the podium. I concentrated on working hard and not backing off. It was only 2 laps so I should go all out. Coming through start the 2nd and final lap, I could hear 1 or 2 of the other guys closing on my tail and this is where they stayed for the next 3rd of a lap. I started to have visions of a them using me for the rest of the lap and then overtaking me on the home straight but no use worrying about that for now. Then I felt a bit of a thud as I went over some roots. Thats not good! Yep, thats a puncture! Damn! I ran with the bike for a while before realising that I would be better to keep pumping up the tyre, riding until it was flat again and then stopping to repeat. 1st and 2nd place went immediately as the guys on my tail rode past, then a the final step on the podium disappeared. I soldiered on, pumping up my tyre and at one point even took back a place on a softening back tyre before a few more guys went past.
I rolled over the line in 6th place, not bad considering my flat tyre but my chance of glory, a podium position and some recognition for Athelite Triathlon Club was long gone. I'll be doing these races again next year and won't give up until I've won one of them.

Scottish Cyclocross Series Rnd 1 – Plean 4th October
This is my second season riding cyclocross having stumbled upon the first round last year when I was too late to get into the Stirling Duathlon. For those of you who don't know anything about cyclocross, it was tradionally the sport that road racers did during the winter to keep fit. You use what is essentially a road bike with a few adjustments for cantilever brakes and knobbly tyres to race for 1hr plus 1 lap round a short, off road course taking about 5-8mins per lap. Its a fun sport and everyone is pretty friendly, bringing there families to spectate and ringing cow bells to add a bit of European racing atmosphere to the events.
Scottish Cycocross is going from strength to strength and a record 115 riders lined up for the main event in a sun drenched Plean Country Park (Stirling). That's a good field for any event, let alone this little series. The main event consisted of all categories including Senior (my cat), Vet, Vet 50, Junior and Women. Having not scored any points last year I had to take my chances in the gridding and by not being careful enough, I ended up half way down the field at the start. It is pretty frenetic at the start of these races with people jostling for position. I made a good start and had already made up quite a few places by the time we made it to the run up. Now, cyclocross is a bit like a duathlon except when you run, you've got to carry your bike with you! Up the steep, muddy slope and I made up several more places. That running in the late summer certainly helped. Gen/Colin, I will be back on a Thursday eventually!
I settled in to a nice wee group of 3 or 4 guys and we traded places for the next 40 odd minutes which was pretty fun as none of us could pull away. It was only by this point that I got lapped by the leader. Last year, I was getting lapped twice a race so this was a definite improvement this time around. The plan is to finish on the same lap as the leader. So late in a race, it was nice to still have some power in my legs but this wasn't enough to keep up with the leading Junior who powered past to lap me as well. No disgrace. It never ceases to amaze me how much fitter some folks are and at 17, Kenta Gallacher is quite a rider. He's already represented GB in the Worlds in Canberra this year so a star of the future to keep an eye on.
Anyway, I shook of the guys I was competing with in the final 2 laps and finished a creitable 14th in my category and 28th overall. Not a bad start. Hoping my Time Crunched Cyclist (Chris Carmichael) training program will bear fruit this winter. I can't promise a podium but it'll hopefully help with the time trialling come the spring and the Ayr Duathlon.
Col B

Barcelona Video

I found the following video on youtube - it skips over the swim a little, but I guess it is not very exciting to watch. It also makes the bike section look a bit easier than it really was, though it does show the course as more undulating than the pan flat road we were expecting. What it does show is the pain that most runners went through on the marathon & the elation & relief of the finish line.
Keep your eyes peeled for Jack, Johnny & Bill walked through transition before the race at 1.49.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

IRONMAN!!! (& woman)

We have returned having conquered the beast of the Ironman event that has been our focus since we entered way back last year, and what an event it was. Go grab a Cafe con Leche & set yourself 10 mins aside to read my ridiculously long race report of our Spanish excursion.

Thursday 1st

We were due to get up at 3.50am to catch the Red eye flight from Prestwick to Girona. We went to bed early but seeing as everyone else who could not sleep kept texting me to tell me through the night, I didn't encounter much sleep myself. We made the flight ok & breathed a sigh of relief when the bikes came off at the other end. Phase 1 complete.

Myself, Genevieve & our support team Mandy, my sister Adele & Gens Mum Liz headed south on the bus to Calella to the our Cabins on the Campsite that was conveniently 200 metres from the race start line & Expo. As we travelled into Calella, then through it & out the other end it became clear that this just wasn't true. We were more like 2 miles away which was to create a few logistical issues over the next few days but was a fantastic & relaxing site once there. The plan was to settle in, go shopping for lots of fruit, water & essentials & relax. Having walked half an hour to town, checked out the Expo on the beach & walked back with all the shopping we were knackered so just tried to rest up for the evening. I was very edgy, as expected, so stupidly started unpacking bikes & putting them back together again. A bit tired for this really & just ended winding myself up. Everyone else was calm.

Friday 2nd

Today was the day we had to start getting organised & get the body moving again. Nice & quiet on the site, slept fairly well & woke up looking out to the twinkling sea & blue skies. Lovely. Still very tense though below the surface!

We were up at 7.00am to head down to the beach with our wetsuits for a 20 minute swim at the same time as the race start on Sunday to get an idea of waves, tides etc.

Loads of people in the water but Genevieve in particular was very tentative about going out to sea - this was the bit we hadn't tackled before. It was actually really nice - pretty calm & crystal clear to the bottom even 200 metres out. We swam in all directions to practice & felt much better afterwards. Very salty mouth though.

We went back & I sat on the veranda & carried on with the bikes. I had to build them then we were to do a 30 minute spin. I struggled getting the headsets right, struggled getting the gears right & destroyed 2 of our 6 inner tubes whilst putting new tyres on. Oh dear. Having pumped up Gens tyres I stupidly left the bike in the baking sun & the tubes exploded in the heat. Another worry for race day.

We rode part of the bike route for half an hour - the bikes felt odd, it was hot & the legs wouldn't work. In the afternoon we headed down to meet Jack, Johnny & Bill at the Pasta Party - lots of people, loads of food & very loud Spanglish commentary in the background & we started to get the feeling of what a huge event this was going to be.

Saturday 3rd

Getting close now! Another early swim, this time with the Jack, Johnny & Bill there as well - just 10 minutes in the water but felt more confident again, even though it was a bit choppier. Practiced swim exit & wetsuit removal then went for a 10 minute run. 8.00am & it felt too hot to run. How were we going to run a marathon in this!?!?! The temp rose to 26 through the day.

We did a 10 minute bike down to the English race briefing & Bill kindly gave our bikes the once over - correcting our headsets & gears. Alarmingly in my tense state I had connected my rear gear changer incorrectly & it was only held on by 2 threads - this would surely have failed on race day. Thank god we got them checked over.

We had prepared all our transition bags which are hung in the huge transition tent (as opposed to in transition with the bikes as we are used to) on long rows of numbered pegs. I was 888, Gen was 118. We checked & double checked our Bike Bags, Run Bags & Street Wear Bags (for after the race), racked our bikes & walked through transition repeatedly to commit our bike & bag positions to memory in the vast transition area.

Dinner & Bed. Tomorrow was the big day & an early start. I felt calmer now as there was no more prep to do other than get to the line on time.


Slept restlessly for about 4 hours until the 4.00am alarm. Tried to eat a good breakfast with coffee & we headed off for the walk to the start at 5.00am. At this point we were minus Adele & Mandy as they both failed to set their alarms & overslept!
We were both fairly calm but my stomach was doing somersaults as we saw the floodlights on the beach in the pitch dark in the distance. There was an eerie calm around transition under the floodlights as everyone made final checks. Pumped tyres to 110 psi, gears, nutrition & Transition bags checked, crossed fingers, said goodbye to our ever present support team & we headed to the beach.

The Swim - 2.4 miles

A very strange feeling standing there waiting before 7.00am in a wetsuit with thousands of athletes, race officials & supporters. Still fairly dark but everything kept lighting up with the burners from the 2 huge hot air ballons tethered to the beach at the start line. At 7.00 exactly the sun peeped over the horizon & lit up the sea & the swim course buoys far, far into the distance. At 7.30 the the Pros went off in heat 1 & 2. Genevieve waited in her pen with all the other females in heat 3. I felt scared for her, she looked both nervous, excited & very small in a big group of rubber clad athletes. Then off they went into the waves & I waited another 30 minutes with Jack & co for my 8.10 start. When it came it actually wasn't so bad - a lot of pushing, shoving & kicking but only for the first 200 metres then it spread out. I relaxed, glided & focussed on all those drills that Jack made us do every time in the pool. When looking up to sight you could just see a never ending row of buoys into the distance. They eventually came to an end & we turned for the beach. Out, flicked the wetsuit off & in and out of T1 in 4.20. Not too bad given the size of it. My swim was 1.11 & I actually felt I could have kept going, Gen was 1.18 & also had a very comfortable swim. Both close to prediction & feeling fresh.

The Bike - 112 miles

Settled in straight away on the bike after the initial speed bumps & switchbacks to get out of the town. The 1st lap was 66k (41 miles) & felt good if not a long way. They had actually closed the main coastal 4 lane highway & the road surface was fantastic, not as flat as I had thought but no big climbs. I got a lump in my throat as I rode past our support crew - my sister was just going nuts at the side of the road. On the 2nd 66k lap my hip start to cramp up which was a concern - I had to ease off slightly & couldn't push the gear I wanted to. It felt bruised & was quite painful & I just couldn't shake it off. When I stopped briefly for the toilet I couldn't put any weight on it - a real concern for the run. I just dug in, spun an easier gear & ignored it. I forgot about it on the 3rd 48k lap & picked up the pace to the finish feeling strong. I saw Gen a couple of times & she looked like she was flying. We both stayed aero for pretty much the whole ride apart from when I tried to stretch my hip. My Bike was 5.42, Gen was 5.48 -pretty close!! Both bang on prediction with gas still in the tank. We did both have to lay off the nutrition on the back end of the bike which I was hoping would not be my downfall later on. My watch beeped every 20 minutes to make me take gels on board but I just felt sick at the alarm, let alone taking a gel down. Converted from PSP & Gels to Nuun & banana quarters instead.

The Run - 26.2 miles

This was the make or break bit. In & out of T2 in 3.40 & off we went. I exited transition with about 15 guys & they all disappeared off ahead. I bided my time & listened to Polly in my head telling me to keep it in check for the first half. Having to walk the last 2 miles can add a huge amount on & it was a long way away. With relief I realised that my hip had eased off and felt normal again. As soon as we headed out on the 1st of the 4 10km loops the heat just hit me. Completely open to the sun & 30 degrees. A gentle head wind in one direction but after the turn at 5k it was just so hot. I really suffered in the first 10k - I couldn't take on any nutrition without retching. Even the thought of it made me want to throw up & I knew if I didn't take any there would be serious trouble. I threw my gel belt away after 17k & switched to water, coke & small bits of banana again & slowly everything calmed down. I saw Gen during this bad time & she said I looked awful. She looked great & kept shouting at me. I managed once again to knuckle down & got myself under control. As the afternoon progressed the run route was carnage - people lying on the side of the road with cramp & heat exhaustion & ambulances flying up & down picking people up & rushing them to the First Aid Tents. I pushed on, feeling more relaxed & stonger & didn't get passed or lapped by anyone in the last 10 miles.
Pretty much everyone still running was walking through the feed stations - drink of coke, water on the head & water filled sponges tucked under my Tri top shoulders - heaven. At one point I miscalculated & thought I was going to miss 11 hours but with 7k to go I realised it was going to be ok & picked it up a fraction, overtaking every guy who had left me out of T2 & they were now walking. As I was heading home I saw Gen going out on her last lap & shouted at her to count her steps. I counted to 100 non stop for the last 10k - it really works & makes you forget everything else.

Coming down the finishing chute was incredible - we had seen it in the morning & it brought a lump to the throat even then. My marathon time was 3.51 - slower than I wanted & I think I may have held back a little too much (easy to say afterwards!). Genevieve was 4.25 - bang on target. Over the lane in 10hrs 52 mins & an instant medical check. I was fine & felt ok. I waited for Gen who, because of the wave start was only 10 mins behind. She was actually sprinting down the finish & the crowds were loving it! 11 hours 40 & way within prediction. We had done it!!!!

Afterwards we got stuck into the feed tent - cakes & electrolytes. Walked past the medical tent & it was packed - it looked like MASH - everyone was lying on IV drips. Made us realise how well we had done.
We found our support team who had been out all day following us round the course in the baking sun & they walked the bikes & bags the 2 miles back to the camp site whilst we limped along behind. Good to keep moving though, I think it helped.

The next two days were great - laying on the beach & bobbing in the sea (which was now much rougher!), drinking beer & relaxing. A slice of proper holiday.

A huge thankyou to everyone who helped us get through all this - to Polly for all the Pro advice & training plans, to Jack for all the help with our initially rubbish swimming & to our fantastic support crew Mandy, Liz & Adele who made sure we were fed & watered in the right place at the time & for all the enthusiastic support on the day.

This will not be the last one we do for sure - there is no way we are doing all that training for one race & there are alot of things I would do differently now that I know. We both feel we could have gone faster but it is great to complete one in such a controlled way & it is a good benchmark for the future.

Watch this space!!!!