Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

Today, October 2nd, is a big Anniversary for us. It is exactly one year since we arrived on Canadian soil from Scotland, UK.

I would like to say it was a relaxing, exciting flight but we had mistakenly locked away our Immigration papers into our hold luggage and had been told by UK border control that we might not even get into the country unless we had the papers in our hand as we left the plane. The flight was not the champagne fuelled party we had planned but more of a twitchy sweat-fest wondering if we were going to be turned back before stepping on Canadian soil.
No need to panic though, the minute the Immigration Officers heard Genevieve's chirpy Scottish accent we breezed through the various departments without a problem. (I was told not to speak!)

This has pretty much been the way it has gone since we arrived - friendly, welcoming people who have been keen to help and to get involved in all the services that we have to offer.

Over the last couple of months we have been lucky enough to have had numerous visits from friends and family from the UK and we have been very proud to show them round our new country of residence and meet our new friends.

As we now enter our second year we are very excited about what is to come. We look forward to becoming more involved in the great Triathlon circuit here, getting some local races under our belts and meeting more friends.

We have a lot planned this coming year, some of which you will be hearing about very soon so watch this space!

Many thanks to everyone who has been so welcoming to us over the last 12 months, we like being here!!

Happy Training and Racing everyone!!!