Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Day

We will be opening at 1.00pm on Friday 29th, just to give you time to clean up your Street Parties.
Have a good day!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Ayr Duathlon 2011 Race Report

Another Ayr Duathlon (5k Run, 20+ k Bike, 5k Run) and another fantastic sunny day as Team ATHelite converged in good numbers on the Auchencruive Estate. With 9 ATHelite members plus two ATHelite wannabees competing (you know who you are!) plus the support crew, this was our best turnout for any event yet. Some of the crew were a bit edgy as it was their first multi-sport event of any type, others were a bit edgy because of the potential of Ironman training having drained any speed required for this event out of our little legs.

Following the customary & relatively care-free race briefing the horn blew & we hammered off down the hill before a sharp left onto the trails alongside the river (which I am told is very picturesque but I can't remember ever being in a position to look at it). The route stays flat temporarily before kicking back up to the left and then hitting the tarmac again for an undulating loopy run around the estate & back down to transition.
I was first in for the team & sitting in about 6th or 7th position having had a surprisingly good run (a couple of weeks of mile efforts have put a bit of zip back in the legs). 18.24 for me, a sloppy out of practive transition & off out on the bike.
Next in with an expected good 5k was David H (20.34), closely followed by Genevieve who we think managed to pull a 5k PB out of the bag in 21.02 (1.30 quicker than last year!). The rest of the bunch followed in the following order; Patrick (21.54), Derek (22.28), Ian (22.38), Gareth (24.03), Fluffy (24.25), Don (25.37). There is photographic evidence of Ian seated on the grass in transition & further multiple evidence of Don seated, then standing getting changed in transition with a coffee & a cigar.

So off we charged on the bikes over the rough pot hole & gravel strewn Ayrshire roads. I was quite looking forward to the bike as I have been feeling strong of recent and give or take a couple of places I pretty much held my position after the first lap. I was shortly after this that a bunch went past & I seemed to give away about 8 places in the space of 100 metres. For some reason I could not seem to respond & did all I could to keep the pace going & the lactic acid at bay for the rest of the lap. A disappointing 42.00 minutes for me (and almost 1 min slower than last year so something wasn't firing!). Genevieve was doing rather better on her ride & having swept past 6 of her female competitors she rode herself into 2nd position finishing in 42.57 - almost 2.5 mins quicker than last year and only 13 secs slower than the race winner Kelly Van der toorn. Next in was Gareth who had a great ride (43.15) followed by Patrick (44.27), Fluffy chicked a few of the boys (49.14), Derek (50.38), David (51.09), Don (53.29 & 4 mins quicker than last year) & last but not least Ian (54.00).

The last run is always a tough one here & today was no different. I was more than pleased to get off the bike & following a second amateurish transition I was pleased to find that I could get immediately into my stride & running comfortably. No big dramas here - I managed to pull in a couple of guys but it was too late to pass but was relatively happy with a 19.43 run. David ran another good 5k (22.13), Patrick too (22.17), Genevieve (23.55), Gareth (24.21), Derek (24.34), Fluffy (24.57), Ian (25.38) & finally Don (27.17).

The overall finish times were as follows;
Colin 1.20.07
Genevieve 1.27.23
Gareth 1.31.39
Patrick 1.33.38
David 1.33.56
Derek 1.37.40
Fluffy 1.38.36
Ian 1.42.16
Don 1.46.23

On a personal level I can't say I was overly happy with this performance. The runs were as expected but the bike just didn't work for me on the day. If I was to reflect on why, it would probably be the result of racing on the last day of a heavy 3 week training block, though this didn't seem to affect Genevieve on the bike! All I do know is that the event I am training for is bares no resemblance to this one & I am confident that on the day I will get the result that I am looking for.
Genevieve had a great first run & bike but had breathing problems on the second 5k. This is the 2nd year that this has happened in this race so we think it maybe pollen related from running in the park. The only other times this has happened is on more than one occasion in Calderglen Park & she has now had to stop running there.

It was great to see so many ATHeliteers out in force & thanks also to Gman, Shirley & Sandy for their support. For those who have only asked about the cakes I had Treacle Tart, Banana Bread, Caramel Shortcake & a Scone. All were very good.

On a final note it was a disappointment to find out that this event may not happen next year as the estate has been sold off but we hope that it will go ahead - this is a great little Duathlon & so many peoples first foray into multi-sport events. This is where we started and will always come back as long as it is in existance.

New Sports Nutritionist @ the ATHelite Sports Clinic

On Saturday 30th April we are pleased to announce the start of a new member to our team & the ATHelite Sports Clinic.
Elaine Lowden is a fully qualified Sports Nutritionist and will working in the Sports Clinic alongside Robbie, our resident Sports Othotist & Bio-mechanics Guru, & Sports Therapist Grant.

Elaine Lowden will be offering dietary advice which is designed to improve exercise performance at all levels. With degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science, she is acutely aware of the importance of diet as a key part of any training regime and as a significant aid to achieving competitive edge. She is a keen athlete regularly competing in Duathlons and Cycling Time Trials.

Whether you are completely new to exercise and are looking for some guidance as a starting point or you are a top level competitor looking for an extra edge, Elaine can help you.

In an initial consultation your personal goals both dietary & sporting will be identified and will form part of the dietary recommendations during the second consultation.
Your Food diary will be analysed to assess current diet/eating habits/patterns.
Dietary recommendations are then provided based on the results of the dietary analysis and the specific goals identified during the initial consultation.

Elaine will be in store on April 30th plus we will also be hosting an Open Evening on Friday 6th May at 6.00pm where Elaine will be giving a short presentation followed by a Q&A session for any inquiries regarding nutrition & it's impact on performance.

We will be offering a 10% discount on any sessions booked with Elaine on the evening.

If you require more information, wish to book an appointment or just want to pop in on the 30th for a chat then please either contact the shop on 01698 422448 or email Elaine at

ATHelite Weekly Special

This week we are giving away a FREE Bodyglide Lubricant with EVERY Wetsuit purchase.

Monday, 11 April 2011

ATHelite 25 Mile Hilly TT Report

Sunday was a fabulous day for the ATHelite Hilly 25 Mile Bike Time Trial - sunny & not too windy for a good blast, not too hot to spoil the post race tea and cool enough to stop the post race carrot cake from melting in the car.

After waiting for a couple of riders who were finally declared missing in action (one has admitted to being too hungover to ride, the other has yet to make contact) the first rider went off at 8.55am.

Timekeeper Graeme set David H off complete with a bike lock the size of something found on a scrap yards gates attached to his frame. Two minutes later & next off was Derek who fired off down the hill in the small chain ring. It was in fact such an easy gear that he created enough wind for the turbines on the adjacent whitelees windfarm to all turn to face him.
Next up was Mark who had to stop 10 metres in to pick up parts of his bike & then promptly overshot the junction adding a bit of extra time & distance to his race.
Bringing a bit of female order to the proceedings, Genevieve was off next without any problems. I was next man off and I could see that this left Timelord Gman with the 3 EKRC bully boys - Bill, Michael & Faither. Having left instructions for them to stick strictly to the 2 minute intervals they clearly over-ruled the timekeeper in my absence & reduced the gaps to 1 minute each.

The course starts briskly towards Newton Mearns on the A77 before turning left onto Malletsheugh Road and left again onto the energy sapping hills & head wind of the Stewarton Road. Straight out to Stewarton, onto Kilmaurs then another leg draining climb out of Kilmaurs before heading toward Fenwick & back in on the A77.

I immediately regretted my zero warm up and also probably headed off way too fast resulting in me limping feebly up the early climbs with a serious overload of lactic acid in the legs. I eventually rode this off as I passed through Stewarton. Luckily the traffic lights had recently been green & thus the ride through the town was completely legal. Kilmaurs soon arrived as did the climb out at which point I was passed first by Michael then soon after by Faither who appeared to have Bills hair caught in his back wheel. Either that or Bill was DRAFTING.

It was a relief to get back onto the A77 at Fenwick and I was back into my comfort zone on the flatter faster road & got a good pace up on the way back in to offset my poor performance on the hilly sections.

Final finishing times (minus the seconds) for the Hilly 25 TT were as follows;

Faither 1.03
M&M 1.04
Dulux 1.07
Freebie 1.11
Mrs ATHelite 1.13
Herbie 1.25
Yogaman 1.25
DerektheGolfer 1.27

Following a post race appeal it was decided that Dulux was DQ'd for drafting.
Following a second appeal it was decided that Faither was DQ'd for entertaining drafting.
Following a third appeal Michael Martin was penalised 25 mins for turning up to a training session in an aero-helmet thus getting an unfair advantage.

This now meant that Freebie was quite rightly 1st Male. Mrs ATHelite kept the competiton at bay & finished 1st Female.

Well done everyone for a fun session, thanks for the Gman for timekeeping & thanks to Genevieve for serving a full range of teas, coffees & cakes, on china, from the back of a car in a lay by.

We will hold the 25 TT again in the next couple of weeks then we will do a two lap 50 TT after that.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Blue Seventy Wetsuits - Sale & Rental

We have had a big Blue Seventy Wetsuit delivery this morning at ATHelite. Blue Seventy Wetsuits are now available for Sale & Rental plus neoprene booties, gloves & skull caps to keep you extremities warm(er).

We have wetsuits for sale to suit all budgets or if you wish to rent we do Daily, Weekend, Week & Season Rental with the option to pay the balance & keep the wetsuit at the end of the rental period.

ATHelite Tri Club Sessions

A couple of updates on training sessions this week. The Hamilton College Wednesday evening swim is OFF for the next two weeks (6th & 13th) as the College is closed for Easter. We will be swimming Weds Am at Tollcross instead. Tollcross is Closed this Friday (8th).

Mon 4th;
Am: Swim Tollcross 7.00am
Pm: Run Group East Kilbride 6.15pm

Weds 6th;
Am: Swim Tollcross 7.00am

Thurs 7th;
Pm: Run Group East Kilbride 6.15pm

Sat 9th;
Am: Intermediate Bike Group Hamilton 9.00am

Sun 10th;
Am: 25 Mile Bike TT (+ optional Brick Run) A77 9.00am.
Am: Long Sunday Run Hurlawcrook 9.00am.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Calderglen Harriers Trail Races

The ATHelite sponsored Calderglen Trail Races are now live on Entry Central. A great June evening of Trail Races for adults & juniors with a distance for everyone. An unhealthy array of cakes available after in the bar too!!

The 5k & 10k are on the ATHelite Club fixture list so get your entries in.

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