Friday, 7 November 2014

Reasons to work with a Coach

The dust has barely settled on the 2014 race season and we are already looking forwards to next years race calendar.

We had a funny old year with good runs at Around the Bay 30k, a very tough weekend of survival and racing at the American Triple T in Ohio, both fun and disappointment at Ironman Couer D`Alene in the `Summer` followed by great races and PB`s to finish off the season at Ironman Barcelona in October.

We have now had a full month of NOTHING and getting going again with our annual November run focus month. The month off has given us time to recover, both physically and mentally, and think about what we would change next year from a training perspective.

I am lucky enough to have my very own live-in Coach and I respond well to knowing that someone has their beady eye on me and this is often in my thoughts when I am training and racing. I like to try and produce good results knowing that when they pop up on Training Peaks, my performance management chart will look good and I have achieved what was detailed in the plan. I also appreciate a good bit of down to earth honesty when things have not gone so well!

We are all motivated in different ways though - click the link below for a great article on why you should consider getting yourself a good Coach ...


If you are interested in chatting to us about Coaching opportunities then please get in touch, it does not matter where you are - we have clients in Canada and the UK. Give your 2015 race season a boost and email us at

Happy training and stay warm!!