Saturday, 29 May 2010

TYR....If it's good enough for Chrissie.....


Chrissie Wellington Triathlete
  • 3-Time Kona Ironman World Champion  
  • Women’s Ironman-Distance world record holder  
  • Ironman Australia Champion  
  • Ironman Korea Champion  
  • 2009 Ironman Australia – Course Record Holder 


Friday, 28 May 2010

Ayr 'Land O'Burns' 10k

Previously the Ayr Half Marathon, this race made a welcome return to the race calendar in the form of a 10k hosted by Ayr Seaforth Running Club. A great turnout of 200+ given the other big races on this week with the sun shining but a strong cold wind coming in off the coast to make running that bit harder on the unsheltered sections. A fairly flat course with a couple of short climbs made this a very scenic & highly recommended race. The only issue was the number of people entering on the day which was a slow process & meant some couldn't get a pre-race warm up. I personally need about 5 miles to get moving!

1st ATHelite body home was Colin F - 36.48 & 10th position overall. It felt like a PB but it alas it wasn't. Next in was Colin Bain in 12th position in a time of 37.12. A huge PB which was always on the cards following recent performances at the Ayr Duathlon & the Parkrun.
Joanne showed that she has now made it through her recent injury & ran very close to her PB and managed to come in as 2nd Female in 40.52, picking up a very generous cash prize in the process. She plans to spend this on 'a pair of shoes with a fish tank in the heel'. Go figure.
Alan Stirling was next in in 44.50 - pretty good given that he had been on some ridulous hill walking expedition prior to the race.
Genevieve was out testing a dodgy ankle injury and ran & steady 46.30.
Don Kennedy had a stormer coming home with a significant PB of 48.52.
Next over the line in a rare special guest appearance at any running event Dawn graced us with her prescence & ended up breaking the 50 minute barrier for the first time in a decade. 49.38 was her final time. Amazing what someone will do for a black pudding supper.

Liz & Marie ran together & after shaking off the Ambulance which appearing to be sticking by them, just in case, they put on a spurt for a stong finish in 57.35 (Genevieve could be heard shouting at them from almost a kilometre away & had ships turning back from the coast). Well under the hour.

We all headed into the town centre for a well deserved fish (& black pudding) feast to top off a great evening. Thanks to Alan Derrick for the support, even if you did mysteriously disappear at the end. We suspect he went off to drive the course to verify the distance for Dawns unexpected PB.


Photos can be seen on the ATHelite Facebook Page...


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Edinburgh Marathon Race Report

You never know what the weather is going to throw at you & Graham Ramage took part in the Edinburgh Marathon last weekend which turned out to be the hottest weekend of the year so far. A great run & not too far off his target given the conditions. You never know the pain of a marathon until you've actually done one & it's especially tough in the heat. Well done Graham - a great achievement.

After 16 weeks of long training, most runs taking place around the familiar loops of Auldhouse and Strathaven, usually in snow, cold, wind and rain, finally the big day arrived on Sunday when I would
tackle my first ever marathon.

After a restless sleep I felt surprisingly fit and ready to go - all week the weather had been getting warmer and warmer leading to the seemingly inevitable but instead I awoke to a dull, cool morning.
Perfect running weather I thought....

We headed through to Edinburgh and when I stepped out of the car I was surprised - it was actually quite chilly! By the time I took up my starting position on Regent Road 30 minutes later I could already feel the heat starting to break through the clouds.

There was a great atmosphere on the start line and when the gun went off I set off nice and steady - the course is downhill for most of the first three miles which made for a pleasant start and gave the runners
a chance to take in the scenery and enjoy the atmosphere of the crowd.

A few miles into the run I realised I was going a little faster than I had planned and tried to slow it down a little - I found this difficult and always seemed to settle back to an approximate 8:20 min/mile pace (about 30 secs/mile too fast). This is something I think I'll try and address over the next few months. It sounds strange to say I struggled to run slower but I just couldn't seem to slow it down naturally.

The first 10-11 miles were pretty uneventful and it wasn't until I was nearing the half-way mark that I started to notice the effects of the building heat - I was making sure that I was taking on water at all the water stations and instead of a few mouthfuls I kept the bottle with me, sipping until most of it was gone. The last of the bottle was poured into my hat and back onto my head which cooled me down a lot (thanks Gareth, great tip!!).

I was starting to feel quite tired now - this wasn't in the plan!! During my last LSR I passed 13 miles and hardly noticed! By the time I reach the 15 mile mark the heat had become really intense - I was till taking on plenty of water and now using my Gels but the heat was sapping my energy - I was still maintaining approximately the same pace though. Now we entered a section of road with high bushes on either site which served to act as an oven - there was not a breath here. Already there were people walking and disturbingly quite a few people receiving medical attention!

Next we had to take a right turn, run up a road for about half-a-mile then round a cone and back down again - this was terrible and the first time I really started to struggle. Back out onto the coast road again and we turned into Gosford House. No spectators, a slight hill and no cover from the sun. I couldn't believe it. I stopped running. This was something I told myself I wouldn't do. I walked as fast as I could taking on a gel and then I was back on the same pace again! Very annoying. I reckon If I could have got my pace
down by 30 seconds per mile I'd have managed OK.

The next 7 miles were the toughest 7 miles I'd ever run - at one point a marshal told us there was a water station ahead. I ran for ages then saw a sign saying "Water Station 1/2 mile"! It's amazing how something
this insignificant can become a mountain. I had to drag myself there and the water seemed to be gone is an instant.

Running back through Prestonpans the support was amazing - Most of the houses seemed to have hoses out to cool us down and I think the kids must have thought Christmas had come early as they were allowed to
throw cups of water in the faces of passing runners.
The last 2 miles I think I even managed to speed up a little due to the crowd and then a mile from the end I could hear the PA at the racecourse so knew that it was nearly over.
Running into the racecourse I nearly missed Rosalynd cheering - I even managed an attempt at a sprint finish but quickly realised this was not such a good idea!

I crossed the finish line on 4:02:50 - I was delighted with my time considering the conditions but was slightly annoyed that I didn't push myself slightly more to beat the 4 hour mark.

I had my "never again" moment which lasted all of 5 seconds! Toughest thing I've ever done but I'll be ready for the next one (and hopefully it won't be quite so warm!!!).

A few days on and my legs are nearly back to normal - I think this is a sign that the training worked and my legs were strong enough - I guess training in Scotland through the winter you can't really prepare
for that kind of heat in May. But everyone else was in the same boat so it's just the luck of the draw on the day really.

Thanks to all the help I received from the team at ATHelite and all my running buddies who ran and cycled with me over the last few months and put up with my constant talking!

Bad news though - I'll be talking about this run for ages!!!!!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Training Update

Another big training out of the way & now onto a recovery week. Only 2 more training blocks to go now - it is fairly flying by! Due to Genevieve having a forced recovery week last week due to having a bad cold we are now completely out of sync with our training weeks. At some point I will need to do an extra week to get back in line with the revised schedule.

Last weeks training went as follows;

Mon; Steady Bike 2hrs 15, Brick Run 15 mins (tired & holding off a cold)
Tues; Tollcross Swim 3k, Core/Stretch 
Weds; Long Steady Bike 5 hrs 80 miles, Brick Run 30 mins, College Swim 2.5k. (Felt great all day)  
Thurs; Recovery Run 6 miles - trails, Core/Stretch
Fri; Tollcross Swim 3k efforts
Sat; Rest, Massage
Sun; Long Steady Run - Windfarm 2 hrs. 

Total 16 hours.

This week won't feature any biking - I have a sore hip after sitting on my Tri Bars on the TT bike for 80 miles on Weds. Focus for the week is Ayr 10k on Weds & I am off for the West Highland Way weekend with the Harriers which will feature a good few miles running & maybe a couple of pints too.   


No swimming this Friday morning due to Industrial Action.

Club Kit

We are doing an order for Club Kit this week. Anyone wishing to order please hand in completed form and money (cash or cheque -payable to ATHelite Triathlon Club) to Graeme or  Hamilton shop by next Friday 28th May.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Saturday Ride.

Intermediates cycling outing - this Saturday May 22nd. Kick off 9.00am at the usual parking spot at Hurlawcrook Rd. All welcome, but intermediates will be doing a maximum 26 miles towards Strathaven. Could be some entertainment as Don grapples with clipless pedals for third ever outing...

2nd Half Challenge Barcelona – Maresme. Gareths Report!!

So the other half of Team ATHelite has now submitted his Race Report. Another great performance proves that Gareth can do ENDURANCE as we all suspected. Gareth seemed to cruise through all the training with apparent relaxed ease & even managed to adopt a completely new nutrition strategy just hours before the race. Well done Gareth - never was a cold beer more deserved!.......

My day began with a lovely ham roll at 6.30 . I decided to use a more professional approach to nutrition as this was a relatively long event so no red bull and mars bars. I bought a high 5 race pack in the expo and read all the instructions (though i ignored some). So 500ml of some form of energy drink with caffeine was my pre race fluid - had to be drunk slowly 60-90 mins pre race . Got myself into transition to check the bike was still there and put my 1500ml of energy drink on the bike. I had 4 High 5 gels with caffeine (2 citrus and 2 berry) and a powerbar chocolate thing in the bag ready to go .

Off to put wetsuit on . I will remember to put bodyglide on the back of my neck next time! then to the beach - the smell of fear was in the air and the sea was baltic !

I was off in the semi old man heat - nice pink hat - and after the first 50 yards had my goggles off and eyes full of sea , this is not good when you hate getting water in your eyes at the best of times . The swell was not much but enough to make it fun . Or so i thought ! got past the first second and third turns in a reasonable time but never really got into a rhythm . Then it all went pear shaped . The tide/ waves were pushing me into the beach and i mistakenly sighted on the first turn buoy for ages and only realised this when i noticed no one around me and a man shouting from a boat and blowing a whistle ! so swim course adjusted and then things got a bit better . Got to say though the only bit were i could sight properly was going into the beach . Need to get better . Got out of the sea in a small bunch and ran (only one in bunch doing so) into T1 . This went reasonably well apart from missing a few areas with the suncream . Got to the bike for the fun bit ! Lovely bike course nice tail breeze on the way out and a great view of the sea on the way back . The aim of this section was to stay at or around evens and try to deliver myself to T2 in a state of adequate fluid/calorie balance to run . So 1 bottle/ lap and 1 gel at every turn seemed to do that . I shouted encouragement to GA as i passed him (in opposite direction ) but he was in the zone !The powerbar got chucked as i had a de ja vu moment - coughing and spluttering with powerbar in my lungs - And then into T2 . Got the shoes on and my essential cap - i am so glad i wore this . The start of the run was through the bike zone but i did not see GA . Off i went and i would say the first 2.5 k were never ending . Strategy here was 1 gel every 5k and a bottle of water . i now know what a hrm strap is for - it holds gels very well . It was boiling on the run but my legs felt ok so i pushed on as well as i could, pouring water in my hat and down my back to cool me - this was brilliant and probably what got me through the run . I saw GA and high 5 ved at around 7 k but shortly after this i had to do a bit of walking - salt in eye v nippy. The run was progressing well and i found a guy to pace me for the middle 10k which was great but he disappeared at one of the aid stations . The crowd were brilliant and all the competitors were supporting each other - i dont know what venga means but it certainly gets you going ! I next saw GA at @14k and he was digging in and running strong .The finish was BRILLIANT loads of clapping and shouting , even managed a "sprint " finish ! Got the medal , t shirt etc ( had to have a large no XL ) and went to get fluid - coke ,water, LA beer with lime and LA beer. A ham sandwich and all was well . GA came over the line and had enough energy to try on his t shirt for size! I gave him a seat, coke, water and a ham roll and all was well with team ATHelite .

Rehydration was with beer wine baileys and then more beer. I did sleep very well !

Would i do it again ? dont know . would i do a full challenge YES but Mrs J not keen ! This is a great fast course and i would recommend it to you all.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

2nd Half Challenge Barcelona – Maresme ( Sunday 16th May 2010)

Graeme Allan completed the Barcelona Half Ironman last weekend. Graeme has come incredibly far in the space of a year & it just shows what a bit of focus, commitment to training & no excuses can do for you. An inspirational & hugely well deserved performance. Well Done Graeme!! Here is his Race Report...

The day started early at 5.45 making pre-race porridge, toast and banana, and coated myself in SPF 50+ sun cream, and picking up wetsuit and track pump, drinks bottles and nutrition and down to the transition area by 6.45, as it closed at 7.30. Genevieve and Colin who as you know completed the full distance event advised that as bike is in transition overnight best to reduced tyre pressure, as they had seen several tyre blowouts due to the overnight temperature. Applied more sun cream and then plenty of Bodyglide and Suitjuice (thanks Jack) and on with the wetsuit.

The event started at 8am with the male pros being the first heat off, my heat had a 45 minutes wait, which allowed for a nerve-settling warm-up swim in the sea.

Finally, my start time approached and all in the heat gathered together in the holding area before moving to the start line, the number of times I adjusted my swim caps and goggles was astonishing but when finally felt right I was ready to go. We were OFF, a short sprint into the water and start swimming and I settled down quickly into a good steady pace (with Colin’s words ringing in my ears not to go off too fast it’s a long event, 70.3 miles in total). I felt that I was moving well concentrated on gliding, sighting and breathing, my pre-race nerves now fully gone and at this early stage I knew I was going to definitely complete the full event.

The swim leg was 1.9K and had 4 turns, 200m straight out then right turn round first buoy then another 500m left turn, another 100m out and a left turn for 800m which at this stage was into the sun not the best for sighting. Not only had I moved through those starting in my own heat but at this point I started to notice swim caps from the previous heat, which started 10 minutes prior, what a confidence boost. The last left turn turned us back for the final 300m to the beach, which as I hit it after getting the upper half of my wetsuit down to my waist I glanced at my watch to see 39 minutes (what a great feeling, not swam as quick in ages) by the time hit timing mat this was 40 minutes.

In to T1 removed wetsuit and on with cycle helmet, shoes and glasses, applying even more sun cream (no chances being taken). Quickly located bike and away we go, the first 3k through the narrow streets of Calella and up onto main N11 road where drafting rules came in force and more than a few fell foul off, not me thou, why risk 2 min penalty or even a DQ.

The bike route was 2 laps between Calella and Matero. For the bike leg I knew I had suffered the week before while going around Arran for not taking on enough nutrition etc. what a lesson that was!!! Genevieve had advised of the need too continually eat and drink. I therefore religiously had a Shot Block (orange & mountain berry alternating between the two flavours) and sipped from my aero bottle, which had Nuun. Hitting each aid station I took on a new water bottle filling up the aero bottle and dropped in more noun tablets and grabbed banana from a marshal as I passed. During the whole of the bike leg I again felt that I was moving well and continually passing other competitors maintaining a good pace, completing the full 56 miles in 2 hours 30 minutes, what a great feeling, the trips to Lanzarote, Arran, Crieff along with hill effort sessions had definitely paid off.

T2 running shoes and cap on and applied more sun cream carrying another packet of Shot Blocks I started off in the 2 lap 21k run between Calella and Santa Susanna. I quickly settled down with my own race pace ignoring all others, following Colin’s advice of counting number of times my right foot struck the ground in a minute (100 for myself) doing this meant I maintain a good cadence on my run and kept concentration and held away any negative thoughts. Again at each aid station more water and banana. Half way through the second lap my left knee started to play up due to ITB becoming bit tight (had visited Grant couple of times previous about this).

Through out the run there was continuous encouragement from the spectators, including Gareths’ family who called out too me at the start of the second lap (much appreciated). Coming into the grandstand section at the finish was just something else and crossed the finish line with a time of 5 hrs 28 minutes, awarded finishers medal and received some congratulations from several of the organisers on the finish line.

I collected my T-shirt and met Gareth in the finish area, he got me a some water and food, and let me sit-down where I quietly had some time too gather my thoughts as the sense of achievement was overwhelming and very emotional for me.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their guidance and support while I was training for this event, you all know this would not have been possible for me last year, and what’s next, well first ‘A Day in the Lakes’ and then who knows!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nike LunarGlide+

Worn for training, racing or both, the Nike LunarGlide+ is a lightweight shoe that doesn't sacrifice stability or cushioning. It combines lightweight performance with top-tier cushioning and as-needed support. It's best for underpronators through moderate overpronators.

Now available at ATHelite

Chris Moon Half Marathon - Closing date very soon!!!

Chris Moon Half Marathon Sun 6th June 1130 am
Location –Whitelees Windfarm. Part of Strathaven Gala Week celebrations Scottish Atletics Federation registered race-run under there rules Entry Fee £16 non SAF £14 SAF affilited This charity race will be start within the new windfarm development at Whitelees Forrest for 7 miles then on road down to the centre of Strathaven. Runners will be bussed to the Start line at Ardochrig from the registration point -Ballgreen Hall, Strathaven.

The course will take in some spectacular views over the Glasgow/Clyde basin /Ayrshire and Isle of Arran. The windfarm has good paths with the surreal element of the wind pylons to keep your eyes occupied. The course is undulating in the windfarm and more downhill after the windfarm component down to Strathaven.

You will be awarded at the end with a pie and a half pint or 2-Tryst Ales. Jim Preston’s Award winning pies - Scotch Pie of the Year award 2008.

All proceeds of the race will go to The Erskine Hospital which Chris Moon is a patron of-Chris lives in Strathaven and is a member of the local running club Strathaven Striders who are helping support the race. We will put £ 10 of each entrants money to the charity therefore there will be no T-shirts /medals –just a good well run race through unusual and spectacular locations , a bus journey and food and drink after the race.All profits are going into the charity.

More Information

Enter Online

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Alternative Etape Race Report!!!......

As mentioned in Dawns report, Graeme Robb was also out in action at the Etape following a long lay off from injury (injuries). Here is Graemes view of the event.....   

For those of me that don't know me in the club, its no surprise - other than a few short swim sessions I have been injured for most of the last 8 months - aggravated Achilles, scaphoid fracture, snapped Achilles.
The etape is the first event I have entered in Athelites colours and was keen to wear a top of some kind and managed last week to buy gillet (yet unpaid for ).

Like Dawn i was in the race last year and i was a bit peeved about teh tack incident and signed up for this year in may 2009 so I could do a proper time.
Due to injury I had forgotten I entered and only decided last Sunday after my first leisurely bike run of the year to turn up and see how I got on.
With no training, only out of my magic boot 4 weeks ago, a note from my physio and sheer anguish of my wife and armed with a new compact chainset I set off early on Sunday morning to Pitlochry.

My aim was to try and finish the event without standing on the pedals I had to do the whole race including the climb sitting down, I didn't care about a time.
The roads were a bit busier than last year and I missed my starting spot I headed off with a slower group who turned out to be a bit fast.
I was going along the top side of the lochs well in a group but every time we hit a hill I was dropped and had to downhill / sprint to get back on. After 18 miles of interval training my bad leg started to tighten up and I realised that I could not keep this up.
I was resolved to a long solo ride, mentally I wasn't too sure if I could finish as I was at the furthest point out with still the big climb to go. Just at that point I was caught by my friend Pete who I hadn't seen since the Etape last year. From then on we sat 2 up and caught up on gossip from the last the last 12 months, we were not bothered about a time only finishing.
From then on we made a point of stop at each Food Station, Pete is from Sunderland and he also had the urge to stop and admire the view in fact we spent a whopping 15 minutes of non cycling time on our sportive hardly competitive cycling.

It was a wise decision, when Dawn passed us with 13 miles to go it was obvious she was going for a time. We passed a few words like " I've broken a spoke" and "its a Gillet not a tri suit" then she was off.
The last 13 miles were hard, the photo over the line shows the relief.

Anyway all in all not a bad performance. As for the time I was officially 1 minute slower than last year so at least I am consistent.
Looks like I can start training after all.
It is a good event well organised and worth giving a go next year.

RACE REPORT!! Caledonia Etape 2010

The world of Scientific Research has taken a downturn today as Dawn as been creating this superb race report as opposed to finding a cure for life threatening diseases. Good job she hardly ever races!! Here goes.......

I had entered the Caledonia Etape last year and despite all the carpet tack debarcle I thought it was well organised and an absolutely stunning route. So in December I entered the Etape again – but I have to admit it was also to do with giving a two finger salute to the dude that dropped the tacks.

As the event got closer my heart wasn’t really in it. It didn’t seem the same challenge to me as it did last year. After being dragged around Lanzarote in March by EKRC and a number of road rides since I knew I could cover the distance which I couldn’t have said this time last year! We turned up on Saturday afternoon in Pitlochry which was a stunning day and registered with 4000 people. Registration was open all day so there was no Q’s and collected my goodie bag consisting of pamphlet’s, boys addidas shower gel (free to a good home) and energy bars etc. Not quite the patch on last years goodie bag when we got Adidas toilet and kit bags. Ho Hum. Maybe the extra 1500 people in the race since last year stretched the goodie bag budget a bit more.

The problem with getting up there early is that there is a lack of things to do to keep you occupied and …out the pubs….. Dinner and 4 pints later my Dad and I toddled off to our twin room. Dad can be a bit prone to snoring so I equipped myself with pillow over my head and prayed I fell asleep before he did. I needn’t have worried about the noise my dad was making. It looks like the Pitlochy Backpackers which is fantastic budget accommodation and I highly recommend to anyone except it also sits beside what appears to be the local Saturday nightlife for the “young ones” Q the screaming the loud talking and the shouting till about 3am. After which I then had to deal with my Dads snoring. So 4 pints and no sleep. Great race preparation.

Day of race. Felt pants. Tired, cranky and couldn’t be bothered. Force fed myself with cereal and banana at 630am. Our start time of 738am was exactly that. Very well organised keeping an exact schedule when you’re trying to sort out 4000 competitors is impressive. And we were off, 5 mins in my legs still hadn’t warmed up. Up to Queens View they still felt no better, perhaps even worse? First feed station passed, I had plans on pulling up a chair and tucking in a napkin as I remember the feed stations were excellent last year but Gen warned me that was not what it was all about this year. So I passed the first feed station with my tongue hanging out and rubber necking trying to see what delights were on offer. Are you proud of me Genevieve?

At 35miles I was 2hrs 10mins. Which isn’t too bad but I felt awful. Then twang, a spoke on the non-drive side of my rear wheel went. Trying not to make a huge deal about it I tried to laugh it off by remembering MM’s comment that I put too much power through the wheels … as if! Second feed station – PASSED! (I bet Colin is now impressed …) The Schiehallion climb was next. King of the mountains time trial up a hill. Timing mats laid on the entrance to the hill and exit at the top. I took my time, as I do normally – couldn’t even be bothered getting out the saddle so I just grinded away. 50miles reached and the top of the hill loomed. Stopped in at the feed station. It was now a matter of life and death Gen I had to. Took a ZipVit gel and filled up my water. The gel has caffeine equivalent of 2.5 cans of red bull and some other carb thingy’s. Down the hill – onto the flat and the loop into Fortingall. I don’t know what the hell was in that gel but OMG! I was flyin – I passed loadsa people. Felt amazing, beginning to think that I should have had a few gel’s for breakfast. I chain ganged about 6 guys for 10-15mins who then started to slow on a hill – I WAS OUT THE SADDLE AND OVERTOOK THE LOT OF THEM IN ONE GO! I felt like I was Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder, when he says Feck it and puts his foot to the accelerator! The next 25 miles I hammered it thinking I could do this in less than five hours if I just keep it going. I remembered the last feed station and started panicking about the come down I might have from the gel so reckoned I better pop another one, I felt like a junkie after a fix. Another gel, and caffeine equivalent of now 5 cans of red bull sloshing around inside me. I spotted Graeme Robb with his ATHelite tri top on and said hello but I was so desperate to beat 5hrs at this point that I headed off again – sorry for not being conversational Graeme! The long headwind straight for about 15 miles ish I tried to draft a few people but in the end I overtook them and did majority of the whole flat headwind straight out on my todd. I attempted to jump on a group of guys that were doing a fair ton but when they noticed I was behind them they picked up and left me … charming!

The last few miles are evil with short sharp steep hill sections and the last mile a little hill into Pitlochry. I made it. 4hrs 56mins official time. Very chuffed. Dad came in 15mins later. We lost each other on the Schiehallion hill. Quite chuffed riding time somewhere in regions of about 4hrs 40mins. Needless to say I went to the stand and bought 10 gels for future events. I normally eat jelly babies and banana’s over fancy gels and sports nutrition but I have now been converted!

Very well organised and challenging scenic route of 81 miles and 1950m of ascent. Highly recommended. Especially the gels at the feed station.

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Challenge Barcelona Half Ironman

Ok - proud moment time. After months of hard training our Gareth & Graeme both completed Barcelona Half Ironman today with some fantastic & well earned results.

               Swim      T1       Bike         T2         Run         Total
Gareth     40.28    5.25    2.32.19    0.56     1.58.03     5.17.12

Graeme   40.07     5.02   2.30.54    1.04      2.11.26    5.28.34

Remarkably close all the way through & we look forward to the race reports from them on their return.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Ironman Training Update

I've not blogged for a while regarding our training for Copenhagen. Here is what I have done in the first two weeks of May. Feeling pretty good throughout, not particularly tired but I am particularly hungry & eating like a horse! Genevieve is mostly on the same sessions, sometimes on different days but is on recovery this week due to tendoniitis in the ankle of all places & also now an additional cold which I am fully expecting to get at some point soon.

Mon 3rd; 90 mile bike, 30 min run brick.
Tues 4th; Am - Swim 2.5k
Weds 5th; Am - Core/Stretch. Pm - Troon 10k.
Thurs 6th; Pm - Recovery Run 6 miles.
Fri 7th; Am - Swim 2.5k.
Sat 8th; Rest.
Sun 9th; Arran steady bike 57 miles.

Mon 10th; Long Steady Run 2 hrs. Pm - Massage.
Tues 11th; Am - Swim 2.5k
Weds 12th; 75 mile Bike, 10 mile Run Brick, 30 min Swim.
Thurs 13th; Am - Stretch; (Run cancelled - sore legs!).
Fri 14th; Am - Long Steady Swim 3k; Pm - 1 hr Run (5 x 1 mile efforts @5.30 pace).
Sat 15th; Rest.
Sun 16th; Pm - Tempo Run 1.5 hours.

One more big week for me next week then a recovery week.
Training aside we have booked an apartment in Copenhagen for our 5 day stay & the flights are booked from Manchester to Copenhagen.

Training W/C 17th May

Monday - RUN, ATHelite EK, 6.15pm

Tuesday - SWIM, Tollcross, 7.00am
Tuesday - BIKE, 6.15pm. With the Bundy - not for the faint hearted!!

Wednesday - SWIM, 5.00pm - 6.45pm Hamilton College

Thursday - RUN, ATHelite, EK, 6.15pm

Friday - SWIM, Tollcross 7.00am

Saturday - BIKE - 9.00am Long Steady. Meeting point at the top of Hurlawcrook Road just before the turn off for Langlands golf course. (Leave a comment if you're attending)

Sunday - RUN Long steady. The usual Sunday run will start at 9am, meeting point at the top of Hurlawcrook Road just before the turn off for Langlands golf course.
See you at the sessions!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Bishopbriggs Results

Now on the Glasgow Tri Club website...


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bishopbriggs Tri Sunday 9th May

Colin Bain became an official Triathlete at the weekend as he took part in the Bishopbriggs Novice Triathlon. It was not much of a surprise to most of us that he did well & 4th position is an excellent result. Below is Colin's race report.

Well done also to Donna who also took part in the Novice Tri & to James who was in action in the Sprint Distance Event.

Bishopbriggs Novice Tri - 09/05/2010

The day finally arrived and I woke up sick as a dog! I wasn't ill, it was simply nerves. This might seem a bit much given that I was only doing a Novice tri but before I started swimming in January, I seriously doubted I'd ever be able to do one. It was simply the the fear of the unknown in the pool.

Anyway I got up to Bishopbriggs nice and early in order to get registered, warm up on the bike, run a bit, get my stuff in transition and most importantly do LOADS of arm stretches prior to the swim. Nerves started to disappear as I was distracted by chatting to lots of fellow “Novices” (the reason for the inverted commas will be explained later). So after a couple of heats it was our turn, deep breath and it was time of the off. All my arm stretches helped and I wasn't struggling nearly as much as the start of most of our training sessions. I think my technique was mostly out of the window as I was more interested in getting to the end of the swim. I was doing OK and had caught the guy in front fairly quickly (seemed to be placed in lane 1 with only 2 other slow swimmers). I was well in my stride before, BOOM! I collided head on with the other lady in my lane. Not my fault. She had backstroked across the lane and hit me on my side! The knocked me right backwards and it was damn difficult to get going again. Anyway, it took me a wee bit to get going and I made it to the end and scrambled out of the pool, ready to get the hammer down. By this time, several people had already finished their swim.

Out of pool, I immediately started to pass people in transition and out on the bike laps. It ws acase of going as hard as I could and seeing how many folk I could pass. I got to a stage on the bike where I had passed most of the serious looking cyclists and even the Marshall's motor bike was pacing me. Me?After a lap of being 'paced' I was into transition again with nobody anywhere near. I was stating to think I might be doing well. On to the run and the legs felt fine (not like a Duathlon). I kept up the pace as much as possible not wanting to back off at all given that this was against the clock. My new racing shoes worked a treat as I floated over the ground. It being only a 3K run, it was over pretty quickly and I was through the finish, tired but not exhausted, wondering where I had placed.

So what was my position? After enquiring, I was sent indoors to check the timing board. 3rd place!!I was delighted with a podium. My time of 43 mins, a full 10 mins slower than the winner and 6 mins slower than 2nd place. That sounded like an awful big gap to me. About half an hour later, I checked the results sheet and I had somehow slipped to 6th place, 4th male Novice. Booo! Spoke too soon about the podium. I was gutted. Full results are not out yet but I seem to remember that the first few places in the novice race swam 400m in under 6mins, cycled under 17 mins and ran under 12 mins! Not sure that any of those performances were Novice performances but mabe I'm just bitter. I'm not, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and definitely will step up to Sprint distance for the next one, hopefully before the end of the summer. It's nice to finally be a triathlete, something I've thought of for many years. Highlight for me was definitely seeing my son waving at me through the cafe window every time I took a breath coming back down the pool. Thanks Callum!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Land o’ Burns 10k race, 26th May. 7.30pm

There is a new 10k if anyone fancies it....Colin, Jojo and I are doing it .
Leave a comment if you're entering

More info

Entry form

What they said.....
Thanks for your interest in the Land o’ Burns 10k race.
I would describe the course as basically flat with a couple of gentle ups ( and downs) along the way.
It is indeed a road race and includes beautiful views of Arran ( on a good day) at the start and later on the race passes by the historic Burns cottage.
I expect the course to be pretty quick though this is the first running of this race so have no times yet to compare.
Look forward to seeing you on the 26th May

A trip to Arran, Sunday 9th May REMINDER

ATHelite Tri Club is planning a trip to Arran.

There are 2 cycle routes available to cater for all abilities. There is the North circular which is 32 miles (realistically you have 5-7 hours to complete) or the Arran circular which is 57 miles.

Arran North Circular - A B C D A

A stunning route around Arran's high mountains. Flat coast roads, plus 2 big inland hills. Achievable by most people with good fitness. 32 miles. 3 to 5 hours.

Arran Circular - A B C E F G H J A

The famous ‘Round the Island' route, a tough combination of both North and South circulars, an excellent days challenge requiring a good level of fitness. 57 miles, 5 to 8 hours.

We will get the 0945 Ferry from Ardrossan which will get us in to Brodick, Arran for 1040

We will depart at 1640 arriving back at 1735.

The ferry costs £9.70.

Lands End to John O'Groats

Good luck to Jack & co who are heading to Lands End today for start of LEJOG - Lands End to John O'Groats. Follow their progress on their Waterrats Blog....

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Training W/C 3rd May

Monday - RUN, ATHelite EK, 6.15pm

Tuesday - SWIM, Tollcross, 7.00am

Tuesday - BIKE, 6.15pm. With the Bundy - not for the faint hearted!!

Wednesday - SWIM, 5.00pm - 6.45pm Hamilton College

Thursday - RUN, ATHelite, EK, 6.15pm

Friday - SWIM, Tollcross 7.00am

Saturday - BIKE - 9.00am Long Steady. Meeting point at the top of Hurlawcrook Road just before the turn off for Langlands golf course. (Leave a comment if you're attending)

Sunday - RUN Long steady. The usual Sunday run will start at 9am, meeting point at the top of Hurlawcrook Road just before the turn off for Langlands golf course. (This may be a quiet run as the Womens 10k is on!)

See you at the sessions!!