Friday, 31 July 2009

Weekend Training 1st & 2nd August

Saturday 1st - Bike ride leaving back of EK shop at 9am. All abilities (& types of bikes) are very welcome. There was a good turn out last week with 2 packs to match abilities and choice of distance/effort (although suspect Graeme A was slacking a bit by sticking with pack 1 !!!!) Same as last week, there’s the option of a short (no more than 15mins) run off the bike at the end to help get the legs used to that bike to run transition – so don’t forget your running shoes (& legs)!!

Sunday 2nd - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9am (back to normal time). Again everyone welcome, it’s a longer run but with lots of short cuts (anything from 5 miles to 12 miles)!!


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Strathclyde Standard Triathlon 2009 - Race Report

While we were standing on the sidelines in a windswept gazebo on Sunday selling soggy Tri gear, Alan was in the thick of it battling against the elements. Here is his race report........

Strathclyde Standard 2009
After my usual pre- race preparation of a sleepless night and a nervous stomach, I got up to see that unfortunately the weather forecast had been correct and that Gareth’s advice to just wear my wetsuit on the bike didn’t seem so extreme after all.
The atmosphere at registration was up-beat and well organised as usual by Glasgow Tri Club and it was nice to have proper changing facilities and lockers.
This was probably the best open water swim that I have done. Having avoided the “washing machine” by hanging back at the start I managed to settle into my rhythm pretty quickly. Colin and Genevieve’s advice about gliding more really seemed to work and I couldn’t believe it when I managed to overtake a few swimmers on the second lap. I came out of the water in under 30min feeling less drained and more relaxed than I had expected. T1 was much improved on last week’s disaster at Loch Ore and could have been quicker if I had been able to find the zip for my wetsuit.
The bike ride was pretty tough; a wee hill on one side of the loch and an ever strengthening headwind on the other side. The rain was also pouring down, making the already bumpy surface a bit slippy and creating a sloshing effect in my shoes. I pushed hard on the bike, knowing that I was unlikely to make up any ground on the run section. Managed to pass one or two and then got into a bit of a cat and mouse game as we repeatedly exchanged places over the last two laps.
T2 was also an improved on last week. I opted to not put socks on resulting in a saving of about 30 seconds and 3 blisters but I think it was worth it. The run was 4.75KM out and back which you then repeated; it was a bit disheartening to run towards the finish line only to have to turn around and head back out on lap 2. With 1KM to go I could feel my energy levels starting to drop, but one last effort got me over the finish with a time of 2.28.48.
Big thanks to Colin and Genevieve for their enthusiastic support and for looking after my umbrella. This was a great event despite the weather and Strathclyde Loch is more pleasant than people suggest. Hopefully more ATHelite Members will take part next year.

Monday, 27 July 2009

The Week Ahead

Firstly, well done to Alan and Derek for completing the Strathclyde Park Triathlon on Sunday in those awful conditions! We await your race reports.

Monday - our club run

Swim is on Tuesday and Friday morning Hamilton Water Palace, 7.30am

Open Water Swim Wednesday night - we're running after the swim so bring your running shoes. Nothing too taxing just an out and back for 30 mins and negative split!

Thursday - our club run

Friday, Long efforts at Hamilton Water Palace in the morning. Open Water Swim at night 6.30pm. Usual time usual place.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Weekend Training Sat 25th/Sun 26th July

For those of us mere mortals who are not on the same gruelling Ironman training regime as Colin & Genevieve, the following weekend training will be taking place………

Saturday 25th - Bike ride leaving back of EK shop at 9am. It’s a mixed ability group so please feel free to come along and join us. All abilities (& types of bikes) are very welcome. As the Peebles Duathlon is looming closer, some of us will be going for a short (very short) run straight off the bike to get the legs used to that wonderful feeling when transitioning from bike to run…..!! Joining in is optional!!!

Sunday 26th - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9am (back to normal time). Again everyone welcome, it’s a longer run but with lots of short cuts!!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Calderglen Harriers 10 mile Road Race

This year Calderglen Harriers are celebrating 25 years of running.....and to celebrate they are hosting a one off (that's what they're saying just now) 10 mile road race. The route is predominantly on country roads with the exception of the 1st mile.

It would be great if you all enter it. 10 miles is a great distance and there are very few races around of this distance.

If anyone doesn't want to race but could marshal please please let us know because if a harrier wants to run it they need to put forward a marshal!!! I'll take the first name ;-)

Entry forms can be down loaded here or you can get entry forms at ATHelite


Ironman Training

So we have now pretty much reached the 10 week countdown to Barcelona. Some days I ooze with confidence & other days I feel totally inept & under-trained. We are so busy at work as well as moving house that we have precious little time for training but people keep telling us we are doing great so we'll just have to go with that!
Genevieves Pro-Ironman sister Paolina has started to focus our training more now on a weekly basis. Following this current 5 hour recovery week (which seems to feature less training but more even earlier mornings & DIY) the load starts to steadily increase again for a while. All our sessions are quite structured from now on - no junk miles & no excessive sessions that will lead to muscle fatigue, resulting in us being unable to train the next day.

Below is our plan for next week, we are hoping that if we put this on the Blog then it is a bit more pressure to actually do it!

Am - See us with the Shop (very early!) at the Strathcyle Park Triathlon!
Pm - Run 2 hrs 15. 1 hour easy, 1 hour pick up, 15 min high cadence (90+ per min)
Total 2.15
Bike - 5 hrs, Run 15 mins.
Total 5.15
Am - Swim 2500 - 3000m. Easy including drills.
Pm - Bike 45mins - easy spin (lactic removal from Mon)
Total 1.45
Open Water Swim
Total 30
Run - Hills 1 hour
Total 1.00
Gym & Swim
Bike - Intervals 1hr - 1.15. 30 mins w/up. 4 min on 4 min off x 6.
Total 2.30

Every session must be a negative split (finish at a quicker pace than the start).
Just need to hope it stops raining now so we don't spend the whole week ringing wet.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Lochore Meadows Triathlon - 2009 Results

Provisional results can be found here.....

There was also someone videoing at the run turn point which can be seen on youtube in 5 different parts. I appear in part 3 which is the most important thing, but I am sure you are all there somewhere!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Lochore Meadows Sprint Tri - Race Report

I have never been so organised & calm about a Triathlon - all packed the night before then picked up by Alan at 6.15am on Sunday so no need to worry about getting lost either. I even made the point of waiting till the arrival at the event before hydrating myself to avoid the usual sweaty forehead, legs tightly crossed in the car hell that I normally put myself through.
Thanks to Alan we arrived BEFORE registration had opened at 7.15, again - unheard of for me. First impression - nice looking loch to swim in, easy negotiable transition area but quite a strong wind blowing in - it was going to be tough on the bike.

It was actually quite cold so everyone was starting to line up in their wetsuits to keep warm near the start upto half an hour early which made it a bit annoying at 9.00am when we were still waiting for the 8.45 race briefing. The briefing eventually happened in a rather dis-interested fashion then the announcement that the first swim heat (all females & male vets) would be off in 3 minutes. 6 minutes passed & the race started with a run in off the beach. I was in heat 2 which went off pretty sharpish after heat 1 which, I imagine must have been pretty hellish for the slower ones in heat 1 as we piled over the top of a few blue caps just after the first buoy.

No idea about times but made it into T1 without any bother. I seem to have a habit of yanking off my timing chip as I pull off my wetsuit - I did it at the last race too & spent time fumbling with it to get it on again adding annoying seconds.

The bike was undulating & windy - quite busy for the first couple of miles & impossible to stay in a draft free zone. I got overtaken by half a dozen guys early on but bided my time & got them all back as we cleared the initial climb. Loved the new bike again as we hit the descents & flatter sections & really cranked it up - overtaking long lines of riders at a time. Went through about 20k & the legs started to tire - I think I am still slightly tired in the legs from the gruesome Radar Ride last weekend. Had to ease back for a minute towards the end but took on some fluids & a gel & pushed on again. I only realised that T2 was approaching as the guy next to me started to unclip which was a nice surprise. A quick T2 then into the run feeling fine off the bike & started picking off people straight away. Not a difficult run - flat all the way out to the turn point & straight back where I started to push it up another notch & felt great all the way back in, overtaking all the way.

A bit odd that after such a good run my time was just over 20 minutes, so clearly a long 5k - I felt like I was running at sub 18min pace. As it turns out, as I understand it, the entire field bar the race leaders came back the wrong way, missing the (un-marshalled?) turning point & running too far. A bit of a shambles & a few annoyed people at the finish. The finish area was also astonishly small - you literally crossed the line and screeched to a halt with no-where to go. No idea why space was so tight here. A funnel was definately required here & they also seemed to run out of goodie bags so some empty-handed finishers here.

Still, loads of support after the finish line & as the sun came out it was, on reflection, an enjoyable & very well attended Championship event.
The meal voucher was a nice touch - nice soup & a roll afterwards in the sun.
Well done to Alan, Graeme & James from the Tri Club (any race reports from you guys?) & also to the handful of others who have been in & out of the training sessions & will hopefully join up soon with a bit of persuasion! No idea on times yet - if anyone can locate the results when they appear let us know.


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Lochore Triathlon

I can't make the race tomorrow so, I just want to wish you all a fabulous race and can someone take a camera and get a couple of pitures of you all in your new race kit?

Friday, 17 July 2009

Weekend Training - 18th/19th July

Saturday 18th - Bike ride leaving back of EK shop at 9am. It’s a mixed ability group so please feel free to come along and join us. All abilities (& types of bikes) are very welcome.

Sunday 19th - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 8am. Please note the earlier start than usual at 8AM (on the bright side you’ll be finished earlier too!!)!! Again everyone welcome, it’s a longer run but with lots of short cuts!!

Good luck everyone doing the Lochore Meadows OW Sprint Tri - see you there.

Black Loch - Results

The Super Sprint results are in - good to see 7 out of the 12 competitors were from ATHelite.

Note - don't worry, James did not just drown, he pulled out due to excessive DIY in the run up.
Forgive the higgledy piggledy table - it seems impossible to put a table on the blog (impossible for me anyway).


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Black Loch - What a Super Super Sprint!

An amazing turnout for the unofficial 'it's not a race' Super Sprint Triathlon on Wednesday evening.

The weather was perfect for the 600m swim & a good chance to practice the mass start. I got my goggles punched off my face & garroted by a feisty weed, other than that - no problems & really enjoyed it.
The bike started off at minute intervals &, as is usual on the A77, uphill into a head wind but a good blast back from the turning point. My 1st foray on the Plamsa having tweaked the set up & it felt great, so great in fact I went out again this morning at 7.00am for an hour to spend more time bonding.
Transition straight into the run, head wind again and either up or down in both directions. No flat bits here but it was soon over.

Great to see such a good turnout from the Tri Club - all dressed resplendently in the new club colours. I have to say that once we had mostly sized up so we could get into it, the new ATC kit is really good. I love the Tri Suit & if you were thinking of getting bike gear then I have the bib shorts & Jersey which are both excellent. I am going to ask if they do pyjamas so I can wear it around the house.

Results will follow as there was some uncertainty with some of the splits but I will post them here when they arrive.

Big thanks for Bud for organising us on the night, to Billy & Hazel for timing & to Gen & Dawn for the Ra Ra Cheerleading. Can't wait for the next one - come & give it a go but remember it is NOT a race, it is a training session.

Monday, 13 July 2009

The Radar Ride - Race Report

I normally get pretty revved up for these events - but having watched the weather forecast going towards this one I always suspected it was going to be a bit of a shocker. Heavy rain was predicted & fairly strong winds & having done this last year & knowing how bad the moderate winds made it, it wasn't looking good.
3 distance options here - Mandy W was doing the 40 mile 'Baby Radar', Graeme A was doing the 70 mile 'Junior Radar' after sensibly down grading from the Big Boy. Myself, Genevieve & Colin B did the 107 mile long distance 'Radar Ride'. (Elevation profile below)

Genevieve & I started off at 9.00am from a rather cold Wanlockhead - the downhill start for about the 1st 7 miles was good fun once we had relaxed into it & ridden through the unnerving speed wobbles that we both seemed to get (due to tense cold arms at the start).

Most of our pack seemed to disappear into the distance but we resisted the temptation to chase - we were only 10 minutes into a long day in the saddle. The route takes you out to Mennock then loops around, eventually crossing the M74 before heading over the illusive 'Devils Beeftub'.
During the early stages we seemed to always struggle to keep going - first Genevieve dropped her chain on a hill then I could hear something rubbing on my back wheel. Not wanting to ride 100+ miles with a rubbing wheel we must have stopped about 4 times for me to adjust my back wheel to no avail so in the end I just had to ignore it & cross my fingers given that we had wasted about 10 minutes on not solving the problem.
All was going well for a good while after this - we were working very well with a bunch of about 8 other guys travelling at a very good pace & sweeping through all the people who had caught us on our numerous stops. Then Genevieves back went. It was exactly the same problem she had at the Ullswater Half Ironman two weeks previous - something like a trapped nerve in her lower back brought tears to her eyes, meaning that we had to stop every half hour & either stretch her out or bend her backwards over peoples garden walls. I'm sure people were going past thinking 'Get a room' but it was all we could do to keep her moving.
The infamous Talla Hill eventually loomed before us - quite a sight from the ride in alongside the Talla Reservior. We have been up this a couple of times now & knew what to expect & it actually wasn't too bad at all. A good descent off the summit all the way down to St Mary's Loch before the right hand turn & the long road to Moffat. This was the hard bit into the wind last year & was even worse this year - strong head winds & the rain blowing in too. Very tough & as Genevieves back was sore she just tucked in behind me for what seemed like a grinding eternity. We eventually made it to Moffat before remembering that we still had to climb back over the Beeftub & then there is still 20 odd miles to go to the base of the final killer climb. All the way back Genevieves back was seizing but we pressed on & kept stopping to stretch. She decided that the final climb would be too painful for her. I agreed whilst secretly thinking 'we'll get her up it - I'll just shout at her'.
So we eventually came to the base of the final climb - we 'agreed' that she would give it a go & I pressed on into the climb, actually feeling remarkably spritely. I churned through the lower sections in no time time at all before grinding into the higher, much steeper slopes & hairpins. All you can think about here as you are virtually standing still on the side of the climb is to pull one pedal over the top & push it down again. I saw a couple of guys stopping & getting off to walk - so tough to get back on & start again on the climbs. I finally made it to the summit only to remember that they had moved the finish to the NEXT summit another mile away. I pushed on into the grey swirling cloud, a short descent first but impossible to get any speed up as visibility was so poor but at long last I saw the Transmitter Station & the finish gantry.
Every one was crawling over the finish & just shouting expletives. One guy next to me just fell over on his bike, another just starting spasming over his handlebars! I just stood there & stared out into the cloud wishing there was a view. I was wrapped in silver blanket & waited for a couple more minutes before deciding to head off down the steep descent when I looked up & there was Gen coming into the finish. Couldn't believe it - true grit!
Headed off down to meet Mandy & Graeme who waited for hours for us after their rides & off to the pub for burger & hot tea.
We were a pretty disappointed in the result - really wanted much nearer 6 hours than the 7 hours plus & we were more than capable of it were it not for the issues en route. Need to get these dealt with ASAP.
A bit disappointed with the event also on reflection. Yes, it was raining but who cares & yes it was windy for mile after mile & this was just soul destroying & really made it unenjoyable. But, after all that - you climb all that way to the finish line in the sky & there is just nothing there - no one watching, no one clapping or saying well done. I was wrapped in silver by a kindly first aider with a fag in her mouth & that was it. A real let down & very different to last year when the finish area seemed so much more welcoming. Maybe the sun would have helped. A huge well done to Colin B & Graeme for their rides & a special well done to Mandy who after the initial doubts about whether she could bike the distance from the car park to the start line managed the entire 40 miles AND biked all the way to the final summit non-stop! Superb.
This was a real tough one, especially only 13 days after the hardest Half Ironman we could seemingly find. On the plus side - the Ironman Bike will be no-where near as tough as that & in a sadistic way I thought I could actually have gone for a run afterwards!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Open Water Swim

Open Water Swim Friday 10th July - usual place.
Meet 6.30pm, A77.
Hope you can make it

Unofficial Black Loch Super Sprint Triathlon!!

Fancy a pre-Lochore loosener or just a good blast on a Wednesday evening?

The Black Loch Super Sprint Triathlon will take place next Wednesday evening as follows .....

600m Open Water Swim
7.2 mile Bike
3km Run

Swim is in the Loch, obviously. Mass start, wetsuits & bright swim cap required - hopefully there'll be no-one fishing else they may get a shock! Swim time stops at the last buoy - no transition time as you then head off to the A77 for the TT style Bike. Route goes out to turn around roundabout & back. Straight onto the 3k run out & back on cycle path. Overall finish times will kindly be worked out for you.

Totally free & just a bit of fun. Fancy it? Meet in the usual layby on the A77 at 6.30pm.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Open Water Swims

Looks like we are good to go for an Open Water Swim in the Loch tonight & probably Friday too.
Weather looks pretty good for the next couple of days at least.
Meet as usual in the layby on the old A77 at 6.30pm & we will head off from there.

For those doing the Southern Upland Sportive (Radar Ride) on Sunday you may need to start thinking about your clothing options - weather forecast for the morning doesn't look too special at the moment with rain forecast, hopefully the outlook will improve as we move through the week!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Something for the Ladies......

New in Luna Bars are made by the healthy folks at Clif. Caramel Nut Brownie flavour is a home-baked chocolate treat loaded with nuts and drizzled with caramel!
LUNA is the blissfully good whole nutrition bar for women. Each Luna Bar packs in 23 vitamins and minerals that contribute to a woman's overall health.
Who cares........this is deeeeeeeeeelicious. It is a taste explosion in your mouth.
Colin ate one yesterday so I'll let you know if he's ok!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday Swim Update

Last minute change to the plans - tonights swim has been called off following all the rain which will have washed off all the muck off the fields making for a murky swim.


Race report from the New Mills Tri

See below an intriguing coke & mars bar fuelled race report from Gareth who competed in the New Mills tri (sprint alleged) last sunday .......

error # 1 peat district flat , peak district hills ++ - read the location properly
error #2 print race route in COLOUR so you can see the climb is >5% for more than 2 miles of the course
error #3 read the scale on the route graph and dont just think looks flat
error #4 dont go to a conference ,drink loads of beer smoke tabs and sleep little then drive for hours ( obviously not within 24hrs of drinking! ) and have to entertain kids grandparents etc go to bed late get up at 5 and expect to be fresh as a daisy when you race
error #5 sat nav very good but wont tell you that ribble bikes are closed for refurb and you are going to an industrial estate in the back of beyond which has no fancy wheels to buy anyway , 30min drive from mums and i was at the top of a valley , drove down it to find the pool that the race was based in . 400 m swim only 3 in the lane and out second in 9 mins ish .200+ m run to transition and then its off on the bike . Nice and flat for 220m then a 2k climb (with the benefit of 2 sets of traffic lights on the climb ) topped the climb and the lights went red so it was pause time . Then a flat section i think but really could not get my legs to go round , bit of speed and 2 or 3 people scalped on a dual carrigeway ,quick right around a roundabout and another hill presented itself . The man in the ironman T told me 2 hills on the course so i set off up this one -not bad at all - passing folk and thinking all was well . Then i went right under a bridge and the road went up .. and up and i ran out of gears .This was when i saw thin fit folk pushing their bikes . So 10 mins later (i think) i crested the climb to find another one -AHH ! Got over this and another athelite passed me and i chased him for the rest of the bike all 21.1k of it .worst bike this year at 46mins but I thought nice flat run to finish . T2 flew past the guy who i had been chasing and a couple of others (not for long but thats always the case ) and off on the run . A lovely day shaded trail flat course all factors which make me smile BUT... i ran for 20 mins overtaken by 2 folk and still not at the turn did not know what was happening cos my legs were going at full gas for me and felt good . got home just - first time i have hit the wall(thats the running term is it not?) in a sprint race and my knees and calf muscles felt like i had run 10k . Turns out that the guy who set up the turn on the run course sort of forgot to check his map and it was a bit longer than 5k . I managed 41.33 and the fastest runner has just under 30 mins so recon 7+k . This would have been fine if i new it at the onset as i would have drank/eaten on the bike but usually for <90 mins at my "performance" level i dont need it and this left me in a bit of metabolic chaos .Luckily the race bag had a thing called a goodness shake in it and water which supplemented with a mars bar and some coke had me on an even keel for the journey home . Didnt come last but not happy with time of just less than 1hr 40 i would recomend this race to you all if you fancy something with some good hills and a flat and fast run , but would say a road bike with tri bars is way more sensible than a tt bike and if you weigh <100k it would help . also compression socks work very well for recovery and stella/curry lead to opimal muscle functional recovery ( but a bit of a sore head )

Weekend Training - 4th/5th July

Saturday 4th - Bike ride leaving back of EK shop 9am. All abilities (& types of bikes) welcome.

Sunday 5th - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9am. Again everyone welcome, it’s a long run but with lots of short cuts!!

Remember your fluids & caps - it looks fairly sunny & humid through the weekend.

Open Water Swim

Friday 3rd - we're open water swimming tonight. Meet at the usual layby 6.30pm
See you there