Monday, 10 March 2014

Half way Around the Bay

Another training week ticked off - this one was supposed to be a recovery week but looking at it on paper you wouldn't think that. We automatically rack up 8 hours a week of training just from running the spin classes. I did dial the intensity back on a couple of them, partly because Tuesdays session was so hard I had nothing left to offer anyway! Also, yesterday was a long run which could not be avoided. Around the Bay is 2 weeks away and our quality long long runs have been sparse due to the weather.

So with that in mind it was another early start on Sunday, especially after the clocks going forwards on Saturday night. We were on the road for 7.30 am heading to Oakville for our Round the Bay reconnaissance run. A few last minute cancellations meant there were just 8 of us.
Under 90 mins later we were stepping out of the cars wishing we had worn more clothes. This winter is going on forever and minus 15 again this morning meant for another chilly start with frozen lips and ice block feet. Once the sun gained strength though it was a perfect running day and clear blue skies and great views across the partially frozen lake. There were so many runners out practising on the course you could believe that it was actually race day.

My group ran 22 km except Genevieve who shamed us all at the end by running 2 km extra as we got changed in the car park thinking we had finished!

We managed to run most of the more scenic back half of the race route and got a chance to look at the roads and all the hills, which were not as bad as I had expected. We'll see if I am thinking the same in a couple of weeks after 20 km. We managed to run on or near race pace, confident that there is always a bit of extra speed on race day. I have been managing a bit of a niggly hamstring for a couple of weeks (actually most of my running career) and it felt a bit tight during the run but didn't hamper me too much. If it is ok on race day I can probably go a little bit faster - we'll see. We had a good laugh and a good run and it was nice to get out and run somewhere different with the gang.

This week the volume ramps up again so we need to get the fridge filled up as my appetite will also increase accordingly!

Have a great week Everyone and Happy Training!!!

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