Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Last week was a busy week for us with lots of things going on and a lot of training. Many people have been lucky enough to get away over the March break and seek out some warm sunshine for a few days whilst the rest of us are left to battle the never ending cold weather. We must have met at least 10 people this week who have been ill with coughs and colds and Genevieve has been poorly over the weekend and had to miss an important long run with only 2 weeks to go till the Around the Bay 30 km race.

Due to the freezing weather through the week I had to delay my long run till Sunday, which ended up also being a freezing -15 and -21 with the wind chill. I have been a bit unmotivated by the running routes recently so Genevieve drove me out into the country and made me run 26 kms home into a head wind!! Despite the clear blue skies and sun it was bitterly cold and my heart rate was through the roof at the start as it struggled with the temperature. On the flip side though this was my first long run (of 4!!) where I hit my target race pace from start to finish. I was officially destroyed though after Saturdays 2.5 hr Spin session and sub 4 min/km brick run. It is now Tuesday and my legs are still not working!

One more race specific long run to do later this week then ease back for the week running up to Around the Bay. I am looking forward to the race but also looking forward to easing back on the pace of my training runs a little after it to a more sensible pace for Ironman!

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