Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Race time!!

Tomorrow morning we start making our way south to sunny (and stormy) Portsmouth, Ohio for our first race(s) of the year.

As always we always seem to take the rockier path and avoid the easier options and this is no different.

The American Triple T is actually 4 races over 3 days. Race # 1 is a Super Sprint Triathlon on Friday evening. Race # 2 starts early on Saturday morning and is an Olympic distance Tri. Race # 3 starts after lunch on Saturday and is another Olympic distance Tri. Race # 4 is the icing on the very big cake and is a Half Ironman early on Sunday morning.

None of these races are our 'A' races as we are 6 weeks out from Ironman Coeur D'Alene in Idaho at the end of June. We are really treating the Triple T as a hefty training weekend - whilst the distances are obviously shorter than Ironman this will be a real test of pacing and endurance in order to finish the weekend strong.

We are getting pretty Ironman fit and the distances 'should not' be a problem (unless I lose my control and try and hammer everything!)

We get multiple practices at swim starts, transitions, nutrition strategy etc in advance of our A race.

The course is particularly is hilly and technical - good practice for Idaho. There is a mega-buffet after each race which I am excited about.

All the swims are open water and we have not swim in open water since last summer as it is still too cold! I have no idea what the water temperature is in Ohio. I also have a brand new wetsuit that I have yet to wear!

We are camping and the weather looks a bit ropey - not sure how much sleep we are going to get.

The bike course is particularly hilly and technical!

There is little or no phone/internet reception in Shawnee State Park where we are racing so no updates till we get back but wish us luck - we might need it!

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Dr Gall said...

Good Luck guys!!! :-)