Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ek Shop Closed Thursday to Tuesday.

Well we are almost there - the bikes are cleaned & packed & we are working through the packing checklist & wondering how on earth it is all going to fit in & come in within the baggage allowance. Seems unlikely at this stage.

Training Sessions.
Weds 30th Swim - on as usual - we will be here for a splash around too.
Thurs 1st Run - on as usual - meet round the back where Pam & Liz will have a session for you.
Sat 3rd Bike - not many takers this week, feel free to go out but numbers will be low.
Sun 4th - Run Coordinator Mandy is with us but feel free to go out! Usual time & place.
Mon 5th - as with Thurs, this is the Pam & Liz show.
Weds 7th - we'll be there. In body.

The Shops
We fly out 1st thing Thursday morning.


Apologies for any inconvenience. Hamilton will be open right through as normal - Pam & Joanne will be running the show but please bare in mind that they are looking after it for us so be kind to them!

Friday, 25 September 2009

End of Season Triwear Sale!!!

It's End of Season time which means that all Mens & Womens Triathlon Clothing has now been marked down by 20%!!!

Instore & Online



Wetsuit Sale to follow......

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Barcelona Countdown

You may have noticed it has all gone a bit quiet on the Blog front, this is because our training has now eased back into the final taper (not Tapir), allowing me in particular to stop worrying about training relentlessly & worrying about EVERYTHING else instead.

Our bodies seem to be handling tapering much worse than the actual training, but that is part of what the taper is about I guess. Last week I picked up tendinitis in my wrist which was agony for 3 days then it just disappeared following an acupuncture session & a swim. Then my hamstrings froze up which Grant managed to deal with last night by taking a steak hammer to my buttocks. Ouch! Genevieve seems to now have a painful bursar on her hip which makes it very sore to run. Again Grant had a good go at this last night & it should (will) improve over the next few days. Lots of stretching sessions required for both of us.

Tonight is our last proper swim, from then on every session is an easy one - keeping moving but saving ourselves for the big day. Coach Pauline says 'just relax & enjoy it from now on'. I am trying to but we still seem to have a lot of loose ends to tie up & it is not until these are taken care of that I will stop worrying. A couple more rides on the bike over the weekend to test the race wheels then we will get them packed into boxes on Monday.

On the weather front - I checked the race day forecast yesterday & it said heavy rain & 26 mph winds. Far from ideal, especially for the sea swim. Today I have checked & it says clear, a sunny 17 degrees & 4 mph so that's quite a turnaround!
11 days till Race Day!!

RACE REPORT!!!! Half Big Ben Triathlon 2009

Alan was away up at Fort William this weekend taking on the less than enviable task of the Half Big Ben Triathlon. As well as being a true outdoor enthusiast Alan is also a teacher which is why this excellent piece of work not only includes a beginning, a middle & an end but a quote as well!!
A 'Stirling' performance Alan (Alan Stirling - ha ha!!). Enough from me, read on...................

'If we discover a desire within us that nothing in this world can satisfy, we should begin to wonder if perhaps we were created for another world'. C. S. Lewis


Fort William is the wettest place in Scotland, thankfully Saturday was relatively dry. (Only rained for 2 hours during the race).
The night before was the pre-race meal and briefing which was well organised with copious amounts of food available. Video footage of last year’s race was playing which wasn’t exactly inspiring as most of the competitors looked half dead as they crossed the line. Some people were taking their prep quite seriously (pasta, pasta, pasta); others adopted a more philosophical approach as they sat down with a pint of Guinness and a bowl of chips – clearly seasoned hill runners.
Transition opened at 5.30am with the race due to start at 7. Loch Linnhe was freezing but I soon managed to get into a reasonable rhythm and finished the 0.95k in 18min. A fairly slow transition as I put on socks and some extra kit before starting what turned out to be a really tough 45km mountain bike course.
A grinding hill to start followed by a fast (fun) descent. The rest of the course proceeded as a series of steady climbs before a very technical descent brought you back to the road. A quick blast down the glen on tarmac took you back to the start in order to do it all over again. My first lap was 1:15 however I only managed a 2nd lap of 1:30 which I was quite disappointed with. My energy levels really seemed to drop off which may have been something to do with the head cold which I had been carrying from the week before.
A quicker 2nd transition and I was away up the highest Mountain in the UK (only had to go halfway, 672m). About 45 min into the run my legs died and I was forced into walk/jog. At the turning point a friendly Marshall issued me with a trusty Mars bar which seemed to resurrect by legs and stopped me falling over on the descent. By this stage the weather had turned a bit nasty and cold making the rock quite slippy and rather tricky to negotiate. I was really glad that I had actually decided to pack my waterproofs as I was struggling to keep my body temperature up. (Rant time: If I had had the energy I would have stopped to yell at some of the morons attempting to climb the Ben in denim, wearing sandals and not carrying any spare kit. The conditions were close to hypothermic and the week before the temperature on the summit was -3.)
The weather did finally improve, as I approached the finish line to record a time of 5hrs 26min. This was by far the toughest race I have ever done and you have to applaud the runners who completed the full race (double what I did). I really need to have a rethink next year with regards to my food intake. Energy Gel didn’t seem to do much for me after the 3hr 30min mark other than give me stomach cramps. The feed stations had lots of cocktail sausages and pork pie on offer which I had avoided; this may have been a mistake.
For anyone looking for a challenge, I would really recommend this event. It was well organised and marshalled and despite the post race agony in my quads; well worth doing.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sports Therapist

Our resident sports therapist Grant will be in on Friday (he is not usually here on Fridays) and has a few appointments available.
If you would like one please call the shop on 01698 422448

End of Season Curry

Lets have an end of season curry night to celebrate the 1st year of ATHelite Tri Club and toast to a hard year and a lot of improvements!

I've put a poll on so you can decide if you want to go to the Bombay Cottage of Spice which is between the pool and the BMW garage.

We'll book a table for Wednesday 21st October. Thought we could have a good swim and go there straight after.

There will be no swimming on the 14th of October, as this is the schools October week.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

St Christophers 10 mile TT

Last 10 Mile TT of the season tonight - we are going for a blast around.... no wind or rain forecast!?!?!?!

Why not give it a bash? Earlier than usual start - first man (or woman) off at 7.00pm so aim to be at the start point at 6.30ish?

Hopefully see you there.


Trossachs Training Camp 09

Details for the TTC09

You can Arrive at the Trossachs Backpackers Hostel from 3.30pm onwards. First run will be at 5.30pm prompt. Please be here and ready to run otherwise it is dinner and no run!

You will need to bring the following with you;

* 4 run outfits - please check weather and dress appropriately
* waterproof/water resistant jacket
* running shoes (you might like to have a spare pair!)
* casual outfit for dinner
* bedding will be provided but you'll need to bring a towel
* water bottle and something to put in it e.g. energy drink for Sunday long run
* your own toiletries
* and pajamas (the rooms are dorms)

Dinner on the first night is at 7.30pm in case you're running late.

There are roadworks on the A80 at Cumbernauld so please allow enough time for this especially if you are travelling at rush hour.

There will be a welcome board at the main reception, on this will be room information, pack information and a reminder of what you've ordered for dinner!


Sunday, 13 September 2009

Brooks Shoe Party at ATHelite

We are holding a Brooks Shoe Party at our Hamilton Shop on Friday 25th September.

This Brooks Promo Day features Free Video Gait Analysis & Expert advice on choosing the correct Running Shoe for you along with some free gifts!

Call the shop on 01698 422448 to book yourself an appointment or just pop in on the day.

Calderglen Harriers 10 Mile Road Race

As part of the clubs 25th Anniversary the Harriers re-launched the old 10 miler which took place on Saturday in fantastic blazing sunshine around the back roads of Auldhouse. The idea behind the race is to get teams of 10 with prizes available for the quickest team of 10 over the line and there was a great turnout considering the number of other races that were on on the same day.
This is a tough 10 miler with plenty of undulations to keep you working hard but the conditions were perfect & there were loads of marshalls, supporters & photographers out on the course.
First home was Robert Gilroy in 54 mins but the glory of the winning team went to Calderglen. I went round in 62 mins & finished 3rd Harrier in 8th place, quite pleased given the fairly heavy 16 hour training week - no sprint finish in the legs but I ran the whole distance at around 6 min miling, apart from the hillier sections.
Well done to Graeme A & Aileen who went round (together) in a very respectable 1.26 and to Frank who, rumour has it, ran round whilst entertaining some ladies & finishing in 1.36.
Loads of photos to follow - there will be some appearing HERE shortly. You may recognise the dashing young athlete currently on the homepage.
Saturday night was the Harriers 25th Anniversary Dinner Dance at which I over indulged on the red wine & feel sorry for myself today. Well done to Genevieve & Joanne who somehow managed to go out this morning & run for 2 1/4 hours. Fortunately I am on a rest day - gives me a chance to recover not only from the race but also the rigours & humiliation of my shocking ceilidh dancing.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Last BIG Training Week!!!!

Big sigh of relief for the two of us as we come to the end of our last heavy training week & start our 3 week taper as of Sunday. To be honest this weeks training has kind of passed me by after Monday.
We did our 2 hour run last Sunday at a very good pace & then Monday brought the last big bike ride. We were to do 6 hours including 2 x 20 minute Time Trials transitioning to a 30 min run. It all started ok as we left the house at 7.00am dressed for all weathers & fully loaded with food & drink as per race day. I had all my food on board, 2 full drinks bottles as usual plus a full front aero bottle & my bike weighed a flippin' tonne. We headed to Paisley then out up the Gleniffer Braes which, as I now know, is a long long hard climb, especially into a head wind. We headed all the way to Greenock (again much hillier than expected), dropped down into the town then out up the ridiculous climb up the Old Largs Road back into the countryside. Might have been a bit less of a grind on a road bike - but a tough job on the TT bikes. The wind continued to come at us even though we had changed direction & by the time we had got all the way down to Largs we only had an hour to get back to Ek! We got to Dalry then just jumped onto the main road then the Dual Carriageway for 15 miles to Paisley then 10 miles slowly through multiple red lights & traffic back to Ek. Including stops to pick up more fluids & to consult the map a few times we were out for a total of 7.5 hours but at least we went over 100 miles. Can't wait to get to Barcelona & ride on flat roads! Despite starting at 7.00am, by the time the run was over the schools were coming out!
My hips flexors were a bit sore after all that so I'm going to ease off the bike for a couple of days now.

A shorter sharper 2k swim session the next morning, then the ATC swim session Weds pm (2.5k) into a 40 min negative split run round Strathy Park. Legs a bit tired but good strong finish.
Thurs pm - 1 hour Hill session followed by leg massage by Grant.
Fri am - Tollcross Swim 4k total non stop - a great session, slightly quicker than last week & felt good afterwards.
Sat am - Calderglen 10 miler
Sun - REST!!!

Club Training W/C 14th Sept

Mon - Evening run Ek Shop 6.15pm

Tues 15th Swim - 7.30am Hamilton Water Palace
Bike - St Christies 10TT 7.00pm

Weds 24th Swim - Hamilton College from 5.00pm (the last one for a while as the college closes for Summer) and a wee run round Strathclyde Park afterwards

Thurs 25th Run - Ek Shop 6.15pm

Fri 26th Swim - Hamilton Water Palace 7.30am

Sat 27th - Bike Ek 9.00am

Sun 28th - Long easy run Auldhouse 9.00am

Weekend Training

Saturday 12th - Bike ride leaving back of EK shop at 9am. All abilities (& types of bikes) are very welcome.
Sunday 13th - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9am. It’s a longer run but with lots of short cuts (anything from 5 miles to 15 miles)!! If you are planning to run for more than an hour, don’t forget to bring extra water and fuel (e.g. gels, energy bars, etc…….).
Also Sunday 13th - Extra Bike Session – As some of our cyclists are doing the Calderglen Harriers 10 mile race on Saturday, an extra bike session has been arranged for the Sunday leaving from the back of the EK shop at 9am.

Ps. Good luck to all of our club members who are running on Saturday in the 10 mile road race……..

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Grant our resident Sport Therapist is in today, tomorrow and Saturday.

He has a couple of cancellations that could be filled today if you're interested and he has a couple of free appointments tomorrow.

All he has on Saturday is 10am! You'll need to be quick for this appointment though!!

Call 01698 422448 if you would like to make an appointment

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Our man Gareth took part in the Haddington Sprint Tri on Sunday. Read on for his Race Report which almost brought a tear to my eye - it's got a hint of 'Oscar Acceptance Speech' to it! Well done on the multiple PB's Gareth & a great report!

The day did not start well, wifes car had a puncture and my car no petrol but beyond that got to Haddington in good time with no detours. Fuel strategy for this race ham and egg mayo roll, lucozade sport with caffeine and some water.
First time not in the first heat with a predicted swim of 17.30 so a little worried as i have never been close to this yet. Started 3rd in the lane and realised the hamilton torture sessions may be of benefit when i passed the guys in front of me after 4 lengths and the people behind me after 10 or so. Concentrated on gliding, keeping head down and the catch to a swim time of 16,25 counting the run to the timing mat ! (only 3min 44secs better than last time i did this).

Second out of pool so only one guy to catch then managed to stay upright and on the tribars for most of the bike, scaring an edinburgh road peloton and some ducks by passing at top speed only to find a hill round the corner - but did not get caught. THANKS MAVIC COSMICS.
I knew time had to be made up on the bike cos my running is suspect at the moment but a decent T2 got me out on the flat muddy run pretty quickly and i even managed to get to 2.5 k without being passed and then only by 2 people .

Probably the fastest sprint i will ever do, 4 pbs in one go - swim bike run and overall ! So the post race recovery strategy was Stella , kettle chips , mac&cheese (banned from pizza/curry due to weight gain), compression socks, ice baths, leg elevation and a couple of dvds (not all at once obviously)

I repeat swim training works !!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Less than a month to go!

Well here we are - this is the last big training week before we commence our 3 week taper in this rapidly increasing countdown to Barcelona.
Here is our training plan for this week which started this morning ....

Sun 6th; 2 hour Run - 1st hour steady, 2nd hour pick up. (Really good run this morning - i felt like I was 'pure flyin' & it was over in no time. We ran the Harriers 10 mile race route at somewhere near 10 mile race pace in the 2nd hour. Well done to Graeme for chasing hard to the end.
Mon 7th; 6 hour Bike (2 hour bike, 20 min TT, 1 hour bike, 20 min TT, 2 hr 20 bike), transition to 30 min Run. If it is raining for 6 hrs I will be fuming!
Tues 8th; Am Gym & Swim session - Hamilton Palace - no legs! Pm Stretch
Weds 9th; Pm Swim Session Hamilton College 2.5k into 40 min negative split run - Strathy Park.
Thurs 10th; Pm Run - lots of hills!
Fri 11th; Am Swim 4k - Tollcross. Pm - Bike Turbo Session, transition to 30 min run (may change if racing Sat)
Sat 12th; Harriers 10 mile road race (hopefully).

So there it is, I think we'll both be pleased when Monday is over - the rest of it is ok after that!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Staff Required

ATHelite are recruiting for 2 x part-time positions

You need to be able to work a mix of weekdays and weekends

Must be a keen runner with an interest in Triathlon/Duathlon prefered.

Please call 01698 422 448 or 01355 268245 or email or pop into one of the stores.

Tollcross Swim

A slight amendment to the previously listed Training Plan for this week saw us drop the Thursday pm Esporta swim session (thankfully as I was gubbed after the hill efforts) and pick up a long swim instead. To do this the alarm went off at 5.45 this morning & we headed to Tollcross Pool instead. We had not been here before and having found it bang on time for opening at 7.00am it looked great compared to the overloaded 2 lanes at Hamilton Palace.
10 wide 50m lanes with a full lane to ourselves for the whole session, water not too warm or chemically & no body parts & plasters floating in it!
We swam 3.8k (2.4 miles - full Ironman Distance) non-stop, both pretty much hitting our targetted race day predictions & feeling surprisingly fresh afterwards. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact we had to go to work & they were taking the lanes downs we probably would have gone over 4k. It was great to have time to put into practice all the bits that we have been drilling over the last few months.
I have never swum this far & haven't done a long steady swim in ages but it just goes to show that if you put the work into the drills & sets regularly on a weekly basis then it can make a real difference. I have to stop & remember sometimes that I couldn't even swim one length of the Dollan at the start of last year!

I am hoping we can go next Friday again for a final long swim before our taper starts so if anyone fancies a change, get yourself down there. There is also a shallower beginners pool adjacent to the main pool if you are not happy about the length (& depth!) of the main pool.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Weekend Training - 5th & 6th September

Saturday 5th - Bike ride leaving back of EK shop at 9am. All abilities (& types of bikes) are very welcome. The short (no more than 15mins) run off the bike at the end is now a regular Saturday morning feature (albeit optional) so don’t forget your running shoes!!!

Sunday 6th - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9am. It’s a longer run but with lots of short cuts (anything from 5 miles to 15 miles)!! If you are planning to run for more than an hour, don’t forget to bring extra water and fuel (e.g. gels, energy bars, etc…….).

Great Scottish Run
A few of the regulars will be doing the Great Scottish Run on Sunday (see below) but there should still be folks out on Sunday with reasonable navigational skills!!!! Mandy

P.s. Good luck to Don, Graham R, Geoff, Moira, Aileen and Mandy who are all doing the GSR half-marathon on Sunday. Also best of luck to Lyndsey and Elaine who will be doing the 10k………it’s Elaine’s first ever 10k race!!!!


At ATHelite Hamilton

New weekly classes starting Wednesday, 23rd September .

10.30 am - 12.00 noon. Vinyasa Flow Yoga, £7 drop-in*

12.35 pm - 1.25 pm. Lunchtime Yoga, £6 drop-in*

*discounts apply when you book in advance. book 5 classes and pay only £30 for Flow Yoya or £25 for Lunchtime Yoga

All Levels of Ability Welcome
Call 01698 422448 or pop into Hamilton shop to book in.

Why practice yoga?
There are many reasons to practice yoga postures, too numerous to mention! Here are just a few;

-YOGA increases flexibility by stretching the connective tissues of the body
-massages and tones the muscles and organs
-stimulates the detoxification process
-slows down the ageing process
-increases cardiovascular efficiency
-improves posture
-improves concentration and calms the mind
-creates a strong, healthy, en
ergised body

Carla Hillman-Webster is a registered yoga teacherwith Yoga Alliance and qualified from Chi Yoga Schoolin Hatha Raja Yoga. Please feel free to contact her on07970 460 243 for further information on theseclasses or if you are interested in coming toclass at another time or day.

Un Hacked!!!

Website back on track.......thank goodness!

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


It appears our website has been hacked....well actually our hosting company! Apparently over night a few hundred websites were hacked!
Please bear with us while they sort it out. They are unable to give a time scale but hopefully should be up and running tonight or tomorrow at latest.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Training Week - 5 weeks to go!!!

As much as we are enjoying the training, personally I am pretty much wanting to just do the Ironman now & then go to bed for a month. The training program is incorporating more speed work & power sessions now which are pretty exhausting - yesterday (Monday) was a really tough day.

Sunday 30th; 3 hour medium pace bike (thanks to Gareth for keeping us company on this one)

Monday 31st; 2 hour max effort bike, transition to 2 hour long run. Due to the miserable weather we did the bike indoors on the turbo. 30 mins w/up, 6 x 10 min hard efforts & 5 min recoveries. Tough session & I got off & almost collapsed on the floor, trembly legs! First 45 mins of the run was pretty ropey but we built up to a really good pace for an hour & held it to the end. Absolutely shattered afterwards which, according to Coach Polly, is perfect!

Tuesday 1st; 1/2 gym session, 45 min swim - technique focussed. (We watched a swim technique video on the turbos yesterday so practicing a few things). Pm - stretch.

Wednesday 2nd; Pm - ATC swim session. 40 min negative split run - Strathclyde Park?

Thursday 3rd; 1 hr Run - hill efforts (build 2 more onto last weeks session). 1 hr Esporta Swim session.

Friday 4th; Turbo session... ('bloody hard') ...w/up 20mins, 6 X 4 minute efforts, building up in the last min of each effort...'so hard you should not be able to do the 6th one!!' cool down 20min. Transition to run 20-30mins.

Saturday 5th; Run 30 min before work.

Sunday 6th; 2 hr run, negative split.

Monday 7th; 6 hour bike, transition to 30 min run.

So there it is laid out in front of us for a week - what it doesn't mention is that we have to go to work every day & it will probably be driving rain & relentless winds all week.
Happy Training!!

As predicted here is this weeks Weather