Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A New Chapter

As many of our Blog followers know, there have been some big changes occurring in the world of Athelite in the last few weeks.

The last post on this Blog was written in Scotland & this new post is written in Canada. That is obviously a significant change in itself. Fortunately the world is a much smaller place these days and thanks to the likes of Skype & Facebook we seem to be able to stay in constant contact with friends & family in the Uk. We are particularly proud to see that Athelite Triathlon Club, which we formed & developed over the last 8 years, is continuing to be active & strong at home in our absence. Well done to to a key group of people here who have taken control & kept things going.

Over the next few weeks we will try & Blog frequently to keep our Uk buddies up to speed with what is going on here but also to let our new Canadian friends know what is happening with the launch of our new venture on this side of the pond. We have already built a lot of the foundations of our new business and have now secured a great new venue for us to operate from. More about this later.

Meanwhile we are currently making plans to try & travel down to Florida tomorrow where we are hoping to watch the Ironman on Saturday plus get some sun on our pasty white Scottish complexions before the winter hits!!