Saturday, 28 November 2009

Sunday Run - 29th November

Sunday 29th November - Long steady run. Meet at the rear entrance to Whitelees Wind Farm at the top of Ardochrig Road (basically follow the road from the normal Harlawcrook road meeting point until you reach a T-junction, turn left and immediate first right, follow this road for a couple of miles and you will reach the entrance at the top of the hill on your right hand side). This is a lovely scenic run which is off road so a nice change to pounding the concrete. There's various options for all levels of abilities so come and join us......As ever it is a 9am start!!!! This week is a simple out & back along the Spine Road so you can go as far, or as short, as you like.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Nike+ SportBand

The Nike+ SportBand records your distance, pace, time and calories burned while you run, and saves a week’s worth of workouts for your review. When you’re done, connect the removable Nike+ SportBand Link to your computer to go to, where you can track your runs, set goals, challenge others, and much more. By the way, it’s also a watch and all that for less than £40!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

2XU Compression Clothing

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There is no escaping us so don't try & resist!!


Special offer until the End of the Year!


As a sports therapist, I operate a sports injuries clinic in the ATHelite running supplies shop in Hamilton. I currently have a promotion offering 2 half hour sports massage for just £25. This can be taken as 2 separate half hour sessions, or you can book an hour and share it with a friend.
I would be grateful if you could make your members aware of this offer and pass on my details.

Please call on 07967 543 083 for more information or to book appointments. Alternatively, call ATHelite on 01698 422448 or email me at
I look forward to hearing from you.

Grant McLullich BSc hons, Dip

Sports Therapist

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Brampton to Carlisle Road Race

The Harriers take a coach load down to this classic 10 miler in Cumbria every year. This year the race was shortened to a 9 miler due to a spot of light rain. Here is Dawn on her bike yesterday in a small puddle she came across.

Sunday Morning at the Windfarm.

Only enough battery for 1 photo & we weren't quite ready but you get the gist.

Saturday, 21 November 2009


All now available at ATHelite

What they say;

2XU is the only compression brand employing a circular high guage knit fabric structure to deliver an evenly distributed 360 degree stretch compression.

Therapeutic rated fabric provides greater pressure and recovery benefit by helping the pumping action of the cardiovascular system; removing blood lactate from exercising muscles leading to faster muscle repair.

Faster warm up and enhanced overall circulation. Graduated compression of the limbs actively encourages and increases venous return to the heart and lymph to the lymph nodes.

During exercise, your muscles are exposed to forces that cause vibration. This major cause of muscle fatigue, known as muscle oscillation, can be reduced when wearing compression garments. This leads to improved muscle endurance, strength and power

Heightened proprioception increases senses and awareness for enhanced stability and agility. Proprioception can also help with improved technique as you remain aware of your body's positioning, improving the balance control system and muscle coordination.

2XU Compression features muscle containment properties which reduce muscle damage during exercise and minimize swelling post-exercise. Additional benefits include significant reduction of exercised-induced conditions such as Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

2XU's graduated compression garments deliver performance benefits during and post exercise. By enhancing circulation through increased venous function, more oxygenated blood is delivered to muscles requiring it most. Furthermore, exercise induced by-products are flushed from the muscles to reduce fatigue and recovery time.

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition that mainly affects the lower body and is associated with long periods of travel or inactivity. 2XU Compression garments enhance blood flow in these areas through enhanced venous return, reducing the risk of DVT.

During exercise, muscle vibration is a large contributor to muscle fatigue and damage. 2XU Compression stabilizes these muscles, enhancing power and reducing fatigue.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Christmas Night Out

We're up to 28 people for our planned night out of fun!
I'm looking forward to it - hope I recognise you lot with your clothes on.

Nominations are coming in, so thanks for that. I think we'll have a cut off to allow me time to get 'THINGS' organised for the winning nominees. So, get your votes in by Monday 23rd.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Weekend Training

Saturday 21st November – Bike ride. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9.30am. All abilities very welcome as always....

Sunday 22nd November - Long steady run. Same as last week we shall meet at the New Venue meeting point at the rear entrance to Whitelees Wind Farm at the top of Ardochrig Road (basically follow the road from the normal Harlawcrook road meeting point until you reach a T-junction, turn left and immediate first right, follow this road for a couple of miles and you will reach the entrance at the top of the hill on your right hand side). As ever it is a 9am start!!!!


A few mass particiaption events

The London Triathlon – 7th & 8th August 2010, ExCeL, London

The world’s largest triathlon is something any triathlete, cyclist or runner must add to their calendar. One of the few times you will get the opportunity to swim, cycle and run past the iconic sites of London without any traffic. Different distances are available for anyone to take part from first timer to top age-grouper.

For more information or to enter visit:  - Entry deadline 31st January 2010 (subject to availability)

Macmillan Cancer Support Etape Caledonia – 16th May 2010, Highland Perthshire
Take in the lochs and spectacular scenery at the UK’s greatest cycle event. The 81mile course is closed for the duration of the race to giving you a chance to notch your best time and enjoy the surroundings.

For more information and to enter visit
Sony Ericsson Run to the Beat – 26th September 2010, The O2, London

The UK’s best half marathon combines music and running to help you around a course that takes you through the leafy borough of Greenwhich and past three Olympic venues.

For more information (check out what it was like this year) and to enter visit

The Blenheim Triathlon – 5th & 6th June 2010, Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

This ever popular triathlon gives you the chance to race in the stunning grounds of Blenheim Palace. A perfect event for those looking to start their triathlon season or career on one of the most enjoyable weekends of the year.
For more information or to enter visit - Entry deadline 28th February 2010 (subject to availability)

Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity London Duathlon - 12th September 2010, Richmond Park, London

Run – Bike – Run at another closed roads event and the only day in the whole year that Richmond Park is free of traffic. The world's largest Duathlon is a must for those who want a September challenge to work towards.

For more information or to enter visit:

Hugh Wilson Memorial 10k

Saturday 28th November 2009 at 2.00pm.

You can enter on the day at the John Wright Sports Centre in Ek.

See the following link for more info...HughWilson10k

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Christmas Party

With the Christmas Party being 4 weeks away I thought it would be nice if we presented a few awards at the dinner.

If you would like to nominate someone for something outstanding please email me with your suggestion.
We will have a few catagories
  • Most improved swimmer
  • Most improved cyclist
  • Most improved runner
  • Most regular Club member!
  • Best all rounder
  • Contribution to the club
  • A few secret awards!!
Venue - Stewartfield Farm
Time - 6.30 for drinks, 7.00 for meal
Cost - £20.00 Christmas Menu
Deposit - £10.00 by 5th November, remainder 3rd December.
Please leave a comment or email me if you would like a place.

Interesting Links

Bike rides.....(races!)

New Years Day Triathlon

A Day in the Lakes Triathlon

Friday, 13 November 2009

Weekend Training

Weekend Training 14th/15th November:

Here’s the training plans for the weekend:

Saturday 14th November – Bike ride. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9.30am. All abilities very welcome as always.

Sunday 15th November - Long steady run. New Venue for meeting point – After experiencing a brilliant and scenic run around the trails of Whitelees Wind Farm last Sunday we are going for a repeat performance this Sunday! However the three mile (and all up hill) run to the entrance & back to the trails was a bit of a challenge for some of us (mainly me!) so we are going to meet this time at the rear entrance to the Wind Farm at the top of Ardochrig Road (basically follow the road from the normal Harlawcrook road meeting point until you reach a T-junction, turn left and immediate first right, follow this road for a couple of miles and you will reach the entrance at the top of the hill on your right hand side).
As ever it is a 9am start!!!!
Colin & Genevieve will be there to direct you around the trails even though we don't know where we are going.

Swim Technique

Just found this excellent Swim Technique Demo with Mr Smooth!

Follow the link for an easy download. (I managed it so it must be easy!)


Sunday, 8 November 2009

ATHelite on Facebook

We have just launched the ATHelite group on Facebook.
This will feature news & info on the shops & also news & chat regarding the Tri Club & JogScotland Group.
Don't miss out but you will need to sign on to Facebook first if you are not already on there.

Follow the link......


Saturday, 7 November 2009

Christmas Party 12th December

Venue - Stewartfield Farm
Time - 6.30 for drinks, 7.00 for meal
Cost - £20.00 Christmas Menu
Deposit - £10.00 by 5th November, remainder 3rd December.
Please leave a comment
email me if you would like a place.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Weekend Training

Here’s the training plans for the weekend, fingers crossed for better weather than last weekend!!!
Saturday 7th November – Bike ride. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course (same place as Sunday run) at 9.30am. All abilities very welcome…….

Sunday 8th November - Long steady run. Meet at Hurlawcrook Road just before Golf course at 9am. As ever there will also be short cuts for anyone wanting a slightly shorter run than the planned route……

Monday, 2 November 2009

A good winter series


Strathaven 'Run with the Wind' 10k 2009 Results

We will hopefully see a race report from one of intrepid team but in the mean time here are the results for Sundays race.

First home was Jack in an excellent 41.03, clearly feeling strong off the back of all the Ironman training. Jack intends to do a lot of running & speed work over the next few months & go sub 40 for a 10k, though this may be the first time he has heard about that.

Next in & not far behind Jack was Alan Stirling in a very respectable 41.55.

Graeme Allan continued his run of ridiculous PB's by knocked about 9 mins off his previous best time finishing in 48.17. More to come from Graeme I'm sure, though maybe not in chunks this size!
Close behind Graeme was Gareth Jones, also with a PB (I think) finishing in 48.46. There were some serious energy additives being taken on board pre-race so this was never really in doubt.

Newly-wed Aileen Mcleavy still had a spring in her step (this WILL wear off) coming over the line in 49.13, also a PB we believe.

Frank Honings also took some serious minutes off his previous best finishing in 52.49. The prospect of spending his Sunday afternoon working in Hairmyres obviously spurred him on.

Lindsay Cruikshanks showed some good form after a few injury issues to come over the line 1.02 & finally Lynne finished her first ever 10k in 1.09.

Hopefully I haven't missed anyone - if I have let me know!

These were far from ideal racing conditions so great performances from everyone & well done for even turning up -there were nearly 100 non-starters, the most I have ever seen I think. It is only rain for goodness sake!

Full results can be found here

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Weekend Round Up

Well that was a crazy weekend - all go in the Hamilton shop on Saturday (people are Christmas shopping already - can you believe it?) then I managed to sneak away in the afternoon to run in the Alan Scallie Road Relays at Baillieston. I haven't taken part in this race for a couple of years but managed to find time for it this year. The course for this 4.8 miler has always been the same - crossing over multiple road junction, dodging Saturday shoppers & getting spat on & abused by the local neds. This year though, thanks to the Polis being on crowd control elsewhere, the route was moved to what turned out to be a much more popular route - quiet, traffic (& ned) free. I ran the 4th 'Glory' Leg and felt pretty good. Still a bit out of practice at running at speed but knocked out just shy of 5 miles in 29 mins. Starting to feel nippy again!
Calderglen Harriers had a good turnout & won both 1st & 3rd Vets teams.

Being the Club floozies that we are, we headed off on Saturday evening for the East Kilbride Road Club Annual Curry Night at Mother India up the West End. A cracking curry & a good laugh. A bit of a late night (by my recent standards) & had to go fairly easy on the wine as I was up early on Sunday morning for the ATHelite sponsored Strathaven 10k.
The weather was appauling - tipping it down with rain. This didn't really affect me as we had a stall inside the school where it was warm & dry, but there were a lot of very soggy runners queueing desparately for soup & hot drinks at the end. A great turnout despite the conditions for this hugely popular & well organised race.
We had a great turnout from the ATHelite group & some serious PB's for almost everyone. Results to follow!

Just a good read

Your next bike is a road bike

Scottish Cyclocross Rnd 3 - Mugdock Park, Milingavie

Great report from Colin B, and well down finishing 13th!

It's wet, it's windy, it's muddy, it must be autumn! After a sun drenched opening round to the season and a damp 2nd round, the 3rd round of the Scottish Cyclocross season occurred in almost identical conditions to last year, with an overnight deluge and high winds turning the Mugdock Country Park course into a classic cyclocross event - muddy! The Mugdock race is organised by Glasgow Mountain Bike Club and has been on the calendar as long as I can remember. Again, it served up a good mix of woodland singletrack, open grassland and parkland trails and to spice things up, included some planks and a fallen tree to leap over, 3 running sections and 'suicide bridge,' an extremely slippery unguarded wooden bridge over a pond. Another record turnout saw 135 men, 6 women and 5 juniors take to the course for the Open event. Unlike the first 2 rounds I didn't make the mistake of being too far down the grid and managed to get a starting slot just behind the top 30 gridded riders. The organisers sensibly started us on an open park road in order to avoid a bottleneck in the woods which meant an pretty scetchy, fast start. Given the rain, the track was waterlogged and within 200 metres of the start, my glasses were pretty much rendered unusable due to the mud. However, this was not to stop me from giving it my all in the first couple of laps and with the good position wasn't held up too much in the beginning allowing me to get a good position. This was confirmed by Dawn who was marshalling and told me I was in 15th place which I was very happy with. It did, however, put me under a little bit of pressure as I've been after a top 20 place since I started racing last year. Maybe this isn't a bad thing as I certainly was determined to keep pushing and not lose any places. As the race wore on the course became muddier and muddier and as a result, a lot harder and with so many people on the course, passing lapped riders was a bit of a problem. I manged to avoid being taken out by crashing riders on 3 occasions an considered myself pretty lucky to avoid any spills. I did manage a full headbutt on a tree on the 3rd lap! Luckily I was uninjured.Driving on to the finish after an hours hard racing and I had been having a close battle with a couple of guys, one of whom had seemed to have got away from me and another who overtook me on the last lap. Into the finish area and they both seemed to accept the end of the race and didn't concentrate enough, letting me overtake and round the outside gaining 2 extra places on the line! 13th place in the Seniors, 16th in the Open race! Finally, some points!
Col B

P.S. Thanks to Dawn for all her encouragement. It's always good to have a few folk to cheer you on when the legs are starting to go a bit.